Meadows Equestrian Centre 
CRL Unregistered Final and Christmas Show 
Saturday 11th December 2021
Class: 50cms  9.00am 
Jump  Rider  Horse 
1 Tim Morton Charlie Brown
2 Lee Pike Sunny
4 Tim Morton Coco
Class: 60cms  9.20am 
Jump  Rider  Horse 
1 Sarah Pike Fudge
2 Kathryn Morton Joules
3 Khaleesi McWatters Apollo
4 Maisie Anderson Izzu
5 Bernadette Curry Cooper
6 Erica Ingram Molly
7 Gaby kirk Dora
Class: 70cms  9.50am 
Jump  Rider  Horse 
1 Zara Mitchell Our Gracie
2 Chloe hamilton Shorty
3 Jack Cowan Take two
4 Gaby kirk Dora
5 Sarah Pike Daisy
7 Caitlin Traynor Ballyteague Blacky
8 Erica Ingram Molly
9 Lucy Morton Bill
10 Ebony Ritchie Sienna
11 Chloe hamilton Ard mirah
12 Maisie Anderson Izzy
13 Jack Cowan Edentrillick Honey Bee
14 Andrew Gunning Bailey
Class: 80cms  10.30am 
Jump  Rider  Horse 
1 Ebony Ritchie Sienna
2 Sarah McPolin Honey
3 Megan Leigh Amahle
4 Zara Mitchell Our Gracie
5 Andrew Gunning Bailey
6 Lucy morton Digger
7 Charlotte Nelson Reggie
8 Emma Thompson Lily
9 Lily Anderson Storm
10 Roisha Traynor Castleview Little Pj
11 Anne Killen Alf
Class: 90cms  11.10am 
Jump  Rider  Horse 
1 Lily Anderson Storm
2 Charlene Clingan Dora the Explorer
3 Charlotte Nelson Reggie
4 Kim Constable Peter
5 Holly Rice My Isabella
6 Bronagh Traynor Castleview Little Pj
7 Rory Lavery KP
8 Laura Cornett Crossriver Cruise
9 Zoe Dickey Ellie
10 Charlotte Harding Billy
11 Chloe Thompson Beechburn Lass
12 Kacie Jackson Bella bambino
13 Charlene clingan Aryia
14 Bronagh Traynor Annaghmore Isabella
Class: 1m  11.45am 
Jump  Rider  Horse 
1 Leah Knight Braelin
2 Kim Constable Peter
3 Chloe Thompson Beechburn Lass
4 Andrew Gunning Rennie
5 Abby Morton Fanta
6 Lucy Knight Milo
7 Robyn Rice Holiday Kruising
8 Katie Watson Nightlife
9 Charley Hanna Far Hill Golden Angel
10 Zoe Dickey Ellie
11 Kim Constable Big Cat
12 Leah Knight Minnie
Class: 1.10m  12.20pm 
Jump  Rider  Horse 
1 Tori showkum Cleo
2 Charley Hanna Far Hill Golden Angel
3 Kim Constable Big Cat
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