Meadows Equestrian Centre

Winter Stars Tour

Saturday 26th March saw the National Winter Stars Tour swing by the Meadows Equestrian Centre.  Masterminded by Oonagh Kennedy, the tour travels the length and breadth of Ireland, with various centres throughout Ireland hosting qualifiers before a Grand Finale later in the Spring.


The competition was fierce in all the competitions, especially the ‘5 star’ class, where local and regular attender to the Meadows, Trudie McCoosh recorded the only double clear of the competition to claim the winner’s rosette on this occasion.


Showjumping continues this weekend, with the RUAS Balmoral qualifiers taking place at the Embankment Road Complex.  Entries for this are now open via SJI Live.




Winter Stars 1*- 85cms – 90cms

– Divided between Laura Carrick`s My Foxy Lass (Laura Carrick), Kerry Mcteggart`s CASSAI-RG (Kerry Mcteggart), Laura Gordon`s Brayhill Wonder (Laura Gordon), Helen Pearson – Murray`s It’s Partytime Coco (Helen Pearson – Murray), Thomas Mcdaid`s Castledoe Companion (Niamh Mcdaid), Carmel Conroy`s Killarn PG (Carmel Conroy), Norman Campbell`s Sophia Casallco (Norman Campbell), Deirdre Vallely`s Flagstaff Dream (Deirdre Vallely), Alan Ivan Mccoosh`s TMSH First Class (Trudie Hermione McCoosh), Oonagh Kennedy`s KEC Jackalynn (IHR) (Charlotte Harding), craig carson`s Metro Zalanski (craig carson), Olivia Mccormack`s OMC Marah (Olivia Mccormack).


Winter Stars 2*- 95cms – 1m

– Divided between Alanna Dunlop`s Million Dollar Girl (Alanna Dunlop), Karen Pearson`s Hanley News (Karen Pearson), Shaun Brennan`s Carnone Annable (Tara Brennan), Helen McLaughlin`s Rhonda IHR (Amy McLaughlin), Alix Robinson`s Ms Julie (Alix Robinson), HILARY WESTON`s Daphne (IHR) (Sammy Weston), Amy O Hare`s Ballylough Nutmeg (Amy O Hare), Grace sheridan`s Superior Sprint (Grace sheridan), Christine Mcknight`s Tassagh Sky Doctor (Taylor McKnight), Lucy Johnston`s Bluestone Diamond Fly (Charlotte Harding), Michelle and Gemma Murphy`s Kinmar Pretty Boy (Gemma Murphy), Hogg Sport Horses`s House Of Cards (James Hogg), Ryan Hunter`s Major Tom KWPN (Ryan Hunter), Charlotte Eakin`s Gannon Hiello Blue (Charlotte Eakin), Brenda Carville`s Castlelodge Osmium Rose (Lauren Carville), Rachel Brown`s Brocka Blue (Rachel Brown).


Winter Stars 3*- 1.05m- 1.10m

– 1, Karen Pearson`s Hanley News (Karen Pearson); 2, Helen McLaughlin`s Rhonda IHR (Amy McLaughlin); 3, Shaun Brennan`s Carnone Annable (Tara Brennan); 4, Rebecca Mooney`s Knockroe Decies Girl (Rebecca Mooney); 5, Charlotte Eakin`s Ursus (Charlotte Eakin); 6, Dermot Mcalaney`s Flighty Sally (Dermot Mcalaney).


Winter Stars 4*- 1.15m- 1.20m

– 1, Jayne Clarke`s Velvet Flare (Charlotte Harding); 2, Dermot Mcalaney`s Thomas (KWPN) (Dermot Mcalaney); 3, Emma Jackson`s Kylestone Cashel (Emma Jackson); 4, Rachelle Harding`s RJC Second Bet (Charlotte Harding); 5, Rebecca Mooney`s Galwaybay Jack (Rebecca Mooney); 6, Rachelle Harding`s ADONIS W. (Charlotte Harding).


Winter Stars 5*- 1.25m- 1.30m

– 1, Alan Ivan Mccoosh`s TMSH Quality Assured (Trudie Hermione McCoosh); 2, Tracy Woods`s Without Permission (Zoe Woods); 3, Francis Donnelly`s Beechmore Lady Lux (Eve Donnelly); 4, Paula McLaughlin`s Alamshar Hero Z (Katie McLaughlin).




Double Clears

Sienna Doherty, Sweet Lily; Isobel Abernethy, Smokey Joe; Zara Abernethy, Brookvale Royal Consort; Gareth Clingan, Philip, and Sienna Doherty, Shanvalley Lily.



Double Clears

Annie McElmeel, Bosco; Robyn Catterall, Arctic Eclipse; James McEvoy, Donald; Evie McCool, Fizz; Sarah Eakin, Moana and Lauren O’Rourke, Max.



Double Clears

Sarah McAree, Rosie; Katie McLeigh, Ellie; Pauline Hutchinson, Ziggy; Alex Hemsley, Vinnie;



Double Clears

Ellie Hynds, Home Alone JJ; Ebony Richie, Sienna; Kathryn O’Hagan, Paddy; Holly Savage, Lancelot Du Buis; Katie McLeigh, Ellie; James McEvoy, Foxy; Tamlyn Calvert, Cladybeg; Alex Hemley, Vinnie; Elena Watson, AJ and Anna Bradley, Mickey Blue Eyes.



Double Clears

Charlie Black, Oscar Rua; Caitlin Jolly, Indie; Claire Smyth, Tilly; Kiera James, Corey; Patricia Stewart Greer, Baltic; Megan Carville, Mo; Pippa Moore, Makers; Naomi Buchanan, Zeb; Emma Thompson, Lily; Kirsten Bailie, Blue and Alex Best, Cali.



Double Clears

Bernadette Curry, Teo’s Chance; Ellen McEvoy, Dancer; Brian Smyth, Dougie; Simone Leathem, John Boy; Andrew Gunning, Rennie; Lauren McGlennon, Leo; Caitlin Jolly, Indy; Victoria Boville, Wally; Andrew Boville, Archie; Hannah Fenalon, Murphy and Zara Smyth, Tilly.



Double Clears

Kerrie Kerr, Dellie; Kirsty Clingan, Todd; Emma Ewing, Murph; Sian Parkes, Kensington Einstein and Simone Leathem, Alfie.




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