The Meadows Equestrian Centre

RDS Qualifiers Go To The Wire At The Meadows

An air of optimism came to the Meadows over the weekend as athletes from all over the island of Ireland travelled to the Lurgan complex for the final qualifier for pony, children on horses and young rider classes for the 2017 Dublin Horse Show, annually staged by the Royal Dublin Society.


Having a busy day,  local riders  Hugo McAlpine and Niamh McEvoy booked their placed in the pony finals later this summer.  McApline with his mother Cariad's 'Loughnatousa Ron) [148 1.30m] and'Drumcashel Little Legend' in the popular 1486/7 Year Old qualifier.   Booking her ticket Niamh also qualified her mother Maeve's 'Glenford Clausa' in the 138 1.20 qualifier. 


Sunday saw the turn of the young adults, as the young rider categories were decided.  Under the watchful eye of RDS appointed designer Aaron McCusker, riders were tested to the max to make sure those getting their hands on the coveted entries forms were truly deserved recipients. 




Saturday 1st July

Pony RDS Qualifier

148 RDS Qualifier

- 1, Joseph M Sharkey`s Whos Arco (Cora Sharkey); 2, Michael Doyle`s Slaney Capitalist Cruise (Ruairi Aylward); 3, Claire Crawford`s Ardfry Skye (Pataire Crawford); 4, Foleys Ponys`s More Clover (Jason Foley); 5, Tony Carrabine`s Sligo Little James (Cian Goggins); 6, Cariad Mcalpine`s Loughnatousa Ron (hugo mcalpine).


138 RDS Qualifier

- 1, Jeremy Sweetnam`s Never Last Spartacus (Ryan Sweetnam); 2, Diarmuid O Sullivan `s Triplicate (Roisin O Sullivan); 3, Ronan Mclaughlin `s Mentos Lara (John McEntee); 4, Maeve McEvoy`s Glenford Clausa (CPBS) (Niamh McEvoy); 5, Oliver McVeigh`s Lily Clover (Ellen Thompson); 6, Jonathan Reape`s Seapatrick Total Eclipse (Aaron John Killoran).


128 RDS Qualifier

- 1, Clare Hughes`s My Little Shadow (Marta Hughes Bravo); 2, Michael Murphy`s Taggarts Express (Lauren Murphy); 3, Michael O'Connell`s Hes a touch of magic (Zuwena Barrett); 4, Kate Wachman`s Little Ceaser (Alice Wachman); 5, Marjorie Dunne`s Wingland Heloise (Leo Dunne ); 6, Annette Fitzgerald`s Knockmenagh Rocco (Sarah Fitzgerald).


148 6/7 Year Old RDS Qualifier

- 1, Shane Hawkins`s Mount Ross Sprinter (James Connors Smyth); 2, John Hegarty`s Parkroe Dundee (Robyn Moran); 3, Miguel Bravo`s MHS Limited Edition (Molly Hughes Bravo); 4, Christine Harte`s Rosies Bay (David Fleming); 5, Cariad Mcalpine`s Drumcashel Little Legend (hugo mcalpine); 6, Sonya Brennan`s Little Smithe (Cornelius Brennan).


Sunday 2nd July

Children On Horses & Young Rider RDS Qualifiers


1.10/1.15m Young Rider RDS Qualifier

- 1, Jim S Bolger`s Plamas (HSI) (Meadhbh Mealiff); 2, Kay Foley`s Moos (Sean Foley ); 3, Denise Prendergast`s Daffodils Flower Power (Grace Mchugh); 4, Pat Sharkey`s Hollypark Boom Boom (Tim Macdonagh); 5, John Mcdermott`s Kyleen Bouncer (Michael Roche); 6, Susan Sweetnam`s One And Only Spartacus (Abbie Sweetnam).


1.35/1.40m Young Rider RDS Qualifier

- 1, Deirdre Bourns`s Beech Hill Lucia (Jenny Rankin); 2, Hannah Patterson`s Daberlina M (Hannah Patterson); 3, Clive Cathers`s Ping Ball (Jonathan Smyth); 4, Jackie Lee`s Hollypark Galloway (Tim Macdonagh); 5, Michael Byrne`s King Diego (Michaeli Ann Byrne); 6, Pat Prendergast`s belfields captain (Ciaran Nallon).


1.15m Children On Horse RDS Qualifier

- 1, Sue Magnier `s Cesha Old (Max Wachman); 2, Paul Boyle`s Delton (Lucy Morton); 3, Esther Trenier`s Royana De Clairias (Lewis Trenier); 4, Ronan Mclaughlin `s eager-blue (Emma Jane Mccloskey); 5, Marion Hughes`s HHS Inspiration (John McEntee); 6, Helen Harty`s Young Limerick (Natalie Larkin).


1.25/1.30m Young Rider RDS Qualifier

- 1, Gretchen Biedron`s LVS Wizard (Rosalie Biedron); 2, Kathryn Duffy`s Seaspray (Aisling Duffy); 3, Paul Murphy`s Exelsoir Van De Noordheuvel (Stephen Murphy); 4, Danny Keogh`s Coral Du Carel (Dan Geaney); 5, Liam Mc Alinden`s Knockash Galanta (Daniel McAlinden); 6, Ann Connors`s Lantino 31 (Nicholas D. Connors).


Wednesday 5th July 2017

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