The Meadows Equestrian Centre

Michael Does The Double At The Meadows

Sun shines as Michael does double at Meadows Summer Series


Following the RDS Pony and Young Rider qualifiers last weekend, the sun was a welcome visitor to riders at the Meadows Equestrian Centre.  With nearly 200 entries during the day, officials had a busy on their hands.  Athletes attended the Summer horse series  from all over the province, with a few visitors from further afield. 


FEI designer Gueorgui Gueorguiev, provided athletes with a few questions on course, creating  some fantastic displays of  jumping for those spectating.    In the 1.20m & 1.30m, it was regular competitor to the Meadows, Michael Cave who recorded success in both classes with Sheikh Samir Mirdads 'Mirdads Allamdu Lillah'


Arena 2 was also a hive of activity with over 130 entries in the unregistered arena.


Competition continues next weekend with Arena 1 (Sji Horse Summer Series) and Arena 2 (unregistered) both commencing at 9.30am. 




- Divided between Rachel Redmond`s FOX C (Rachel Redmond), Fiona Mc Laughlin Stevenson `s Tenacious D (Dionne Mc Laughlin ), samantha kelly`s Vorsprung Durch Technik (samantha kelly), Eleanora Cunningham`s Samba Dancer (Jonny Gordon), Ashlee Ervine`s Glencaryn (Ashlee Ervine), sarah majury`s Sky Double Take (Nicole Galbraith), Nicole O'hagan`s HAVANNA (Nicole O'hagan), Andrew Mckinney`s Miss Raphoe (Andrew Mckinney).



- Divided between Nicole Barr`s Florida Daydream (Nicole Barr), Dean Cotton`s Coolda Castaway (Dean Cotton), Fiona Mc Laughlin Stevenson `s Tenacious D (Dionne Mc Laughlin ), Emma Hanvey`s Links Of Larino (Emma Hanvey), Julie McLernon`s Kellswater Conquest (Julie McLernon), Noletta Smyth`s Fyfin Echo One (Jaymie Smyth), Lisa Corry`s Inishcruise (Lisa Corry), Andrew Mckinney`s Miss Raphoe (Andrew Mckinney), Brona Bursby`s Ferro Lane (Brona Bursby), Christine Newton`s Runaway Rebel (Christine Newton), Michelle McElhatton`s Hill Farm Meadow (Michelle McElhatton), Jayne Clarke `s Emby (Jayne Clarke ), Alison Saunderson`s GTA Barocco Blue (Gareth Saunderson), Sarah Moore`s Shameless (Sarah Moore), Declan Taggart`s Amber Beach (Caitilin Taggart), Diane Atcheson`s HILL CREST CRUISE (Diane Atcheson), Cheryl Stevenson`s Tamniarn Rebel (Cheryl Stevenson), Alison Irwin`s Rufus Cavalier (Peter Smyth).



- 1, Nat Eakin`s VIGO.G (Charlotte Eakin); 2, Rebekah Waide`s Mr Grey (AES) (Luke Campbell); 3, Lisa Rosbotham`s MISS VALENT (Olivia Roulston); 4, Brian Smyth`s D. Douglas SB (Brian Smyth); 5, Luke Campbell`s TAILORMADE FOR ME (Brogen McCrum); 6, Catherine Thornton & Maureen Moore`s CORNASCRIEBE ORESTA DIAMOND (Catherine Thornton).



- 1, Sheikh Samir Mirdad`s Mirdads Allamdu Lillah (Michael Cave); 2, Pamela Posnett`s Queen Of Clubs (Swe) (Suzanne Posnett); 3, Fiona Coyle`s Arion-E (Fiona Coyle); 4, Dominic Rice`s Premier Titanium (Luke Campbell); 5, Pamela Posnett`s Foesuela (Suzanne Posnett); 6, J V Primrose`s Killyglass Blueprint (Nathan Primrose).



- 1, Sheikh Samir Mirdad`s Mirdads Allamdu Lillah (Michael Cave); 2, May Scott`s Silipso (James Mccloskey); 3, Gillian Doherty`s Cooleyhill Bonzo C (Peter Smyth); 4, Aisling Doherty`s Bon Jovi (Aisling Doherty).


Monday 10th July 2017

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