The Meadows Equestrian Centre

Curran Takes the 1.30m at The Meadows

With the Summer Series drawing to a close  for 2017, The Meadows Equestrian Centre once again welcomed competitors from near and far, who travelled to compete in the superb facilities of the embankment road centre


Frank Curran, a regular attender to the meadows took the top spot once again in the 1.30 class with the Heffron Equine ltd's chestnut gelding  'Oliver Twister'. 


Next week 16th September will see the closing leg of the Summer Series and with the commencement of the Meadows' Interschools Championship the week after (23rd September), SJI showjumping returns on Saturday 30th September with their 2017 Autumn Series. 



- Divided between Gary Martin Close`s Chikara (Gary Martin Close), Emma Jackson`s Ferros Kandy (Cerys Howell), Ashlee Ervine`s Glencaryn (Ashlee Ervine), Richard Howley`s Highlux (Angela Percy), Rachel Hall`s LKC Miss Cloverfield (Rachel Hall), Andrew Mckinney`s Miss Raphoe (Andrew Mckinney), Solveig Simms`s Silken Aura (Solveig Simms), Inge D'Haese`s Velvet Flare (Niccola Hall), Laura Ervine`s White Hawk Shakara (Laura Ervine).



- Divided between Declan Taggart`s Amber Beach (Caitilin Taggart), Rachel Harrison`s An Cailin Ora (Rachel Harrison), Russell Alexander`s Comeback 35 (Russell Alexander), Brona Bursby`s Ferro Lane (Brona Bursby), Alison Saunderson`s GTA Barocco Blue (Gareth Saunderson), Jillie Houston`s Hariness (Mark Calvert), Ryan O Donnell`s JE T'AIME LE FANTOME (Lisa Smyth), rachel conn`s Kilmore Diamond Lass (rachel conn), Andrew Mckinney`s Miss Raphoe (Andrew Mckinney), Niccola Hall`s MJI Scarlett Rose (Niccola Hall), Robert Boggs`s Ploverfield Connect (Robert Boggs), Thomas Mclean`s Rock Hill Girl (Katy Connor), Michael Mccann`s Seapatrick Cardento (Declan Mcparland ), Orlaith O'Hagan`s Tc miss vendi (Abby Morton), Kate Kenwright`s Templemaley Captain (Kate Kenwright), Inge D'Haese`s Velvet Flare (Niccola Hall).



- 1, Penny Campbell`s Knee Deep (Lisa Priestley); 2, Kieran King`s Captains Orders (Kaitlyn King); 3, Ian Chapman`s Mullentine Sure Diamond (Rachel Chapman); 4, Declan Taggart`s Glenannagh Beach (Caitilin Taggart); 5, Jillie Houston`s First Spender T. S. (Mark Calvert); 6, David Cyril McCauley`s Tiffcrum Abbey (Rachel Mc Cauley).



- 1, Penny Campbell`s Corlioni (Lisa Priestley); 2, Heffron Equine LTD`s Little Miss Lulu (Frank Curran); 3, Norman Townley`s The Clover Pledge (Norman Townley); 4, Elaine Whiteside`s LGS Special Edition (Yvonne Whiteside); 5, Yvonne Whiteside`s LGS TWENTY TWO (Yvonne Whiteside); 6, Ryan Hunter`s Feerwerd Carlos (Ryan Hunter).



- 1, Heffron Equine LTD`s Oliver Twister (Frank Curran); 2, Heffron Equine LTD`s Porsha (Anabelle Heffron); 3, Fiona Roche`s Seaburg (Michael Roche); 4, Heffron Equine LTD`s Afrika (Anabelle Heffron); 5, Godfrey Hughes`s Hard Times (Ellen Hughes); 6, Derek Gaw`s Ardnacashel Coovella (Philip Gaw).


Tuesday 12th September 2017

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