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Jolly Jumpers & Ballymena Academy Make It Three In A Row

Saturday marked the half way stage of the very successful TRI sponsored Inter Schools’ League at the Meadows with the usual huge turn out across all classes.  With the end of British Summer Time the previous weekend and the subsequent  loss of an hour of daylight Organisers used the three arenas for the first time for the Schools’ League. This worked exceptionally well albeit that some of the chefs d’equipe had an extremely busy day.

In the Primary Individual class Andrew Sharvin made his mark by finishing on a lovely double clear, closest to the optimum time, with his fabulous little pony, Archill Lass. This combination was followed very closely by Moyallen Primary School pupil, Elizabeth McCracken and Stan.

Six Primary teams battled it out for supremacy with the Jolly Jumpers eventually keeping their unblemished record with their third win of the season from runners up, Armstrong Arrows.

The 70 cms Individual class is turning into a great battle at the top with Ruby Kinkaid and Lismahon Houdini gaining another win and Sam Jackson with Ike taking the runner up spot for the second month running.

Meantime Arena 1 started again with the heavily subscribed Novice Team competition with almost thirty teams vying for those all important points. Down High School’s Gold Team set a very high standard as the second team to go and their superb performance proved difficult to beat until their colleagues from the ‘Hawks’ Team sliced almost two seconds off the lead time to give chef d’equipe, Mrs Adams, a 1,2 in this class.

In the very large Novice Individual class which took place in Arena 3, Victoria Boville and Bobby put in another fabulous performance to win the class and increase her lead at the top of the leaderboard. Daniel Moore and Lancelot du Bois are giving them a good chase, taking the runner up spot.

There seems to be no stopping Ballymena Academy’s Navy Team in the Open class as they had a runaway victory, their 3rd win in as many months. Four other teams also finished on a zero score with the runner up spot taken by Assumption Grammar.

Melissa McKee and Jasper brought honour to Kilkeel High School with a super win in the Open Individual competition just ahead of Cambridge House’s Josh Mark and Calinvella.

The 1.10m Premier Individual class saw the win go to the final rider of the day, Trudi McCoosh with Shadow Light who snatched victory from Kathryn Morton and Dominic who also took third place with Whiskey.

The Tack and Turn Out Inspectors this week were Denise Withers and Nikki Cullen who were certainly kept busy between the three arenas.

Well done to all combinations who passed their scrutiny and won prizes very kindly sponsored by Lisburn Bowl.

As always, Judy Maxwell was on hand throughout the day to present many of the prizes as well as providing valuable product.

Sincere thanks go to all the Sponsors and Officials on another extremely busy day at The Meadows.

Full Results

Primary Individual- 50cms

1.      Andrew Sharvin, Archill Lass, Downpatrick PS

2.      Elizabeth McCracken, Stan, Moyallen PS

3.      Ella Lindsay, Toffee, Ballynure PS

4.      Rianna Mulligan, Marble



Tack & Turn Out Winner

1. Lily Murphy, Busby, Meadowbridge PS

Primary Teams

1.      The Jolly Jumpers (Emma Burns, Polly, Ruby Kinkaid, Houdini, Benjamin Moore, Makers, Anna McErlean, Lily)

2.      Armstrong Arrows (India Heffron, Susie, Alex Best, Princess Judy, India Heffron, Apple, Charles Heffron, Susie)

3.      The Marvellous Mix Ups (Megan Carville, Rob Archie, Molly McCartney, Darby O’Gill, Emma Bamford, Highbent Chardonnay, Ella Lindsay, Waitwith Dynasty)

4.      The Rapid Rebels (Fergus Emmett, Cash, Amber Bradley, Flynn Rider, Andrew Sharvin, Archill Lass, Ceoladh Crozier, Nat King Cole)

5.      Chicks With Sticks (Charlotte McCracken, Joey, Katie Robinson, Lily, Taylor McKnight, Bambi, Charlotte Betts, Charie)

6.      Fabulous 4 (Mya McCullough, Windale Blue Sapphire, Grace Morton, Stormy’s Boy, Chloe Stewart, Bunbury Cha Cha Cha, Sam Jackson, Ike)


Tack & Turn Out Winners

1.      Fabulous 4 (Mya McCullough, Windale Blue Sapphire, Grace Morton, Stormy’s Boy, Chloe Stewart, Bunbury Cha Cha Cha, Sam Jackson, Ike)


Primary Individual – 70cms

1.      Ruby Kinkaid, Lismahon Houdini, Dromara PS

2.      Sam Jackson, Ike, Ballyclare PS

3.      Charlotte McCracken, Billy Frazer, Moyallen PS

4.      Anna Mcerlean, lilly, Rowandale IPS

5.      Ceoladh Crozier, Nat King Cole, Fair Hill PS

6.      Peter Morton, Princess, Bocombra

Tack & Turn Out Winner

1. Oliver Kinnear, Sky, Annahilt PS


Novice Teams

1.      Down High Hawks (Annie Gibson, Mr Pebbles, Troy Watson, Dory, Anna Hogg, Kayleigh, Alex Ogle, Minstrel Pathfinder)

2.      Down High Gold (Abby Cummiskey, Holiday Graceful Lady, Abby Brown, Buckaroo, Abby Cummiskey, Blackjack, Zara Sharvin, Holiday Graceful Lady)

3.      Aquinas (Ellen McEvoy, Indie, Jean McComish, Buddy, Jean McComish, Indie, Ellen McEvoy, Buddy)

4.      Holy Cross College, Strabane (Elly Mae Duncan, Ballyskeagh Lady, Blathnaid Doherty, Erganagh Camaderry, Brooklyn Edwards, Cashmere Katy, Rachel McLaughlin, Mackenzie’s Duchess)

5.      Ballymena Academy (Zoe Dickey, Cuffsgrange Popstar, Chloe Gillespie, Ginger, Katie McClean, Belle, Myah McClean, Apache)

6.      Enniskillen Royal Grammar School 1 (Mairead Gartland, Cruise On Sahara, Sasha Milne, Buddy, Natalie Somerville, Beauty, Adrianna Hurst, Cody)

Tack & Turn Out Winners

1. Our Lady’s Navy (Nikki Lappin, Simply Black, Jessica Mulgrew, Smartie, Anna Larkin, Wee Man, Chloe Flynn, Calypso Beauty)


Novice Individuals

1.      Victoria Boville, Bobby, Dromore HS

2.      Daniel Moore, Lancelot Du Bois

3.      Shannon Boville, Buster, Dromore HS

4.      Lucy Morton, Tilly, Killicomaine

5.      Erin Carson, Kilgarry Breezer, Wellington College

6.      Lucy Morton, Bliada, Killicomaine

Tack & Turn Out Winner

1.  Victoria Greenaway, Warrier Bob, Portadown College

Open Teams

1.      Ballymena Academy Navy (Alex Byrne, Millbrae Abbie, Tori Surgenor, Rocket Lady, William Hamilton, Rakish Talisman, Alex Byrne, Forest Lodge Rambler)

2.      Assumption Grammar (Alex Turley, Ann’s Bob, Emily Stewart, Rock N Roll, Zara Burns, Ardnacashel Little Dreamer, Lucy Savage, Woodstock P)

3.      Down High Flyers (Charlotte Leslie, Da Vinci, Charlotte Leslie, Outfoxed, Alex Cleland, Rafa Smash, Jessica Nelson, Duke)

4.      Glenlola Collegiate Divas (Cerys Howell, Leo, Zara woods, Admirah, Phoebe Beaumont Edie, Cerys Howell, Mr Murphy)

5.      Our Lady’s Grammar School (Laoise O’Farrell, Miss Cole, Grace Kehoe, High Hopes, Meadhbh McIlduff, Dalstown Done and Dusted, Niamh Morgan, Millbar Phoenix)

6.      RSA Hawks (Chloe McBride, Tynan Expresso, Victoria Lee, Duffy, Harry Haire, Hollow Smoke, Abby Morton, Harry)

Tack & Turn Out Winners

1.      Our Lady’s Grammar School (Laoise O’Farrell, Miss Cole, Grace Kehoe, High Hopes, Meadhbh McIlduff, Dalstown Done and Dusted, Niamh Morgan, Millbar Phoenix)


Open Individual

1.      Melissa McKee, Jasper, Kilkeel HS

2.      Josh Mark, Calinvella, Cambridge House

3.      Cerys Howell, Mr Murphy, Glenlola Collegiate

4.      Ellen Ward, Phoenix Delight, St Joseph’s Grammar, Donaghmore

5.      Zara Burns, Ardnacashel Little Dreamer, Assumption Grammar

6.      Rachel McKee, Dolly, Kilkeel HS

Tack & Turn Out Winner

1.      Samantha Billings, Buster Diamond Belle, Ballyclare Secondary


Premier Individual

1.      Trudi McCoosh, Shadow Light, Victoria

2.      Kathryn Morton, Dominic, RSA

3.      Kathryn Morton, Whiskey, RSA

4.      Charlotte Greer, Molly, Ballyclare HS

5.      Lucy Morton, Bert, Kilicomaine

6.      Jasmin Crothers, Estella Great Expectations, Lurgan College

Tuesday 7th November 2017

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