The Meadows Equestrian Centre

Morton Claims Ballyward Grand Prix at The Meadows

 The weekend saw the 2nd round of the Ballyward& SJI Ulster RegionSummer League take place at the Meadows  Equestrian Centre for their annual 2 day June Championship Show. 


With her sister Lucy currently out in Weirden with the Irish Children on Horses team, young rider Abby Morton claimed a decisive win in the Ballyward Grand Prix with ‘Blueoak Yogi’, owned by her mother Joanne the 8 year old bay gelding stopped the clock less than a second ahead of Conor McEneaney with Moonlite Cavalier. 


In the 1.20m, the consistent ‘Amy B’ piloted by Emma Jackson held of the competition from Luke Campbell and Sarah Burns to stay ahead of the field.  The 1.10m in Arena 2 was a much tighter fought competition with the top 3 placings being within a second of each other and all taking less than 30 seconds to complete the course set by Alan Lynch.  Topping the Podium was Hannah Agnew with Dee Barrett- Davis’ ‘Lady Thunder Van Het Rozenhof’ who stopped the clock in 29.25, ahead of Suzanne Posnett and her mare ‘Karmijn’. 


Both the 90cms and 1m classes saw multiple double clear rounds being recorded,




Saturday 2nd June 2018



- Divided between Markus Buser`s ARD Invincible (Beverly Irwin), Taryn McClurkin`sInnocense (Taryn McClurkin), Hannah Mc Glinchey `s Sonconcorde (Hannah Mc Glinchey ).


- Divided between Noel Perry`sBallynolinPennee (Brian Smyth), Suzanne Posnett`s Billy Flare (Suzanne Posnett), Paul Diamond`sBOSSCAT (Paul Diamond), Beth Armstrong & Robert Thompson`sCarrickview Under Cover (Suzanne Posnett), Sarah McLean`s Diamond Obelix (Sarah McLean), Beth Cunningham`s Dream Debut (Beth Cunningham), Laura Keery`s Ferro Diamond (Laura Keery), Jane Clarke`sglenpatrick cool guy (Jane Clarke), Lisa Corry`sInishcruise (Lisa Corry), Diana Gibson`sMillview Cicero (Michael Cave), Desmond & Shane Mcfadden`s Mr Easy Street (Cormac Taggart), Una Mcsorley`sOmard Annie Time (Una Mcsorley), Roisin Hughes`sRoxborough Golden Echo (Roisin Hughes), Lorna Moore`s Scooby Bee (Daniel Moore), Philip G L White`s Tyra MB (Aoife Carr).


- 1, Graeme Carlisle`sFlagmount Heir (Grace Carlisle); 2, Ruth O'Brien `s KilcurryLiberos Flight (Denis O'Brien); 3, Jillian Nelson`sBannfield (Danielle Kennedy); 4, James Kernan`sVinday (Margaret Fullerton); 5, Philip G L White`s Tyra MB (Aoife Carr); 6, Jim Maneely`sLegga Chocolate (Jim Maneely).



- 1, Rory Lavery`sGlenkeeranCarsonstown (Rory Lavery); 2, Lisa Doogan`s La Roux (Lisa Doogan); 3, Carol M Armstrong`sCornascriebe Last Lady (Emma Jackson); 4, Emma Jackson`sCarra Lux Quality (Emma Jackson); 5, john downey`s Away Again (Declan Mcparland ); 6, Frank Mc Leigh`sDunnanew Sunset (Mary Mcleigh).


- 1, Emma Jackson`s Amy B (Emma Jackson); 2, Emma Jackson`sCreevagh For Sure (Emma Jackson); 3, Sheikh Samir Mirdad`sMirdadsFareeedatAlrahmaaan (Michael Cave); 4, Susan Stewart`sHawkswings (Emma Jackson); 5, Catherine Chambers`sSeapatrick Beachball (Catherine Chambers); 6, Carol M Armstrong`sCornascriebe Last Lady (Emma Jackson).

1.30m Mini Grand Prix

- 1, Linda Courtney`s LCC Empty Pockets (Kelly Taggart); 2, Olivia Patterson`sCrucio SR (Rebecca Patterson).


Sunday 3rd June 2018

90 cm Ulster Region Summer Tour

- Divided between RuairiHolmes`s Amor (KWPN) (Hannah Mc Glinchey ), Clare Sloan`s Cruising Rose (Hannah Agnew), Sonya Mcaleer`s CSF CANDY (Jonathan Creswell), Rachel Redmond`s FOX C (Rachel Redmond), SHIRLEY SMYTH`s Jailhouse Rock (SHIRLEY SMYTH), Nicola McLoughlin`sKillarn PG (Nicola McLoughlin), Amanda Ellen Mccracken`s Micky's Cruising Diamond (Amanda Ellen Mccracken), Derek Reid`s Springhill Cobra (Fergus Reid), Colleen Glasgow`s Turlough Cavalier Clover (Liz Brown), EaskèyHouston`s UILINN RUA (Alison Irwin), John Rafferty`s Westfield Toby (Leona Lavery).

1m Summer Tour

- Divided between Fiona Thompson`sCuroleaRoni (Fiona Thompson), Jane Clarke`sglenpatrick cool guy (Jane Clarke), Eve Stafford`sEnrosewood Show Girl (Jonathan Creswell), Helena O'kane`sLegavallons TJ (Kevin Mackey), SHIRLEY SMYTH`s Jailhouse Rock (SHIRLEY SMYTH), Debbie McClean`sHuntingdale Chance (Debbie McClean), Ellen Mc Collum`s Simply Kitty (Ellen Mc Collum), connorstewart`s ECS Horatio (connor stewart), Tracey Howell`sFerros Kandy (Cerys Howell), Cormac Rafferty`s KMR Twilight (John Rafferty), Clare Sloan`s Cruising Rose (Hannah Agnew).

1.10m Summer Tour

- 1, Dee Barrett-Davies`s Lady Thunder Van Het Rozenhof (Hannah Agnew); 2, Suzanne Posnett`sKarmijn (Suzanne Posnett); 3, Gillian Johnston`s Cadence dreamer (Elle Johnston); 4, EavanWhite`sO'Harabrook (Fiona Thompson); 5, Amanda Lynch`sSonyador (Joshua Lynch); 6, Leslie James Goudie`sCarrickadawson Womanizer (Simon Scott).



1.20m Ulster Region Summer Tour

- 1, Emma Jackson`s Amy B (Emma Jackson); 2, Heffron Equine LTD`s Little Miss Lulu (Luke Campbell); 3, Sarah Burns `s Georgies Star (Sarah Burns ); 4, Sheikh Samir Mirdad`sMirdadsFareeedatAlrahmaaan (Michael Cave); 5, Helena O'kane`sLegavallons Moonshine (Kevin Mackey); 6, James Patrick Flood`sWivolletVanbeek (Emma Jackson).


1.35m Ulster Region Grand Prix

- 1, Joanne Morton`sBlueoak Yogi (Abby Morton); 2, Peter Mc Eneaney`s Moonlite Cavalier (Conor Mc Eneaney); 3, Simon Scott`s Jasmine Tide (Simon Scott); 4, Joy Robinson`s True Titanium (Shannon Robinson); 5, Trevor Clingan`sArdtana Flash Forward (Charlene Clingan); 6, Joy Robinson`s Chardonnay (Shannon Robinson).

Tuesday 5th June 2018

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