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TRI Inter Schools Finale at The Meadows

The eagerly awaited Final of the Meadows Equestrian Centre’s TRI Inter -Schools Show Jumping League took place on Saturday on a rather wet wintry day. The pressure of the final certainly took its toll with some of the most consistent combinations failing to secure the all important double clears which created great anticipation as to how the final league placings would pan out.

Both arenas got underway promptly at 8.30am and action continued unabated until late afternoon..


The Primary section took place in Arena 2 with a very excited group of 11 year olds and under. They have provided plenty of excitement and entertainment over the past three months and this month was no exception. 

The first class is the 50cms Individual competition where you could easily believe it was the Agha Khan that was being competed for. It is amazing to see the professionalism of this very young group of pupils- our stars of the future! These young riders have thoroughly impressed the judges month after month with their ability and enjoyment of the sport.

Eight combinations delivered double clears and closest to the optimum time was a delighted Lily Murphy and Toby, followed by Brooke Rafferty and PennwayPacassio. At the end of the day, just one point divided the top two League Placings with Charlotte Nelson and Bonnie taking the win, followed by Jack Cowan and Jolly Jasper.

It was certainly a great day in the Murphy household as Lily claimed her second win , this time in the 60cms class on board Buzby which was good enough to give her a 5th placing overall in the League which was won by the very consistent Beth Wishart and Ballindarragh Belle. One point behind was Elizabeth McCracken and Thunder.


In the 70 cms individual section, where blinking could easily have meant you missing a round, it was Tilly Tumilty and LJ Sparkeywho flew around the arena to win the class ahead of Ruby Kinkaid and Lismahon Houdini. However, winning the League was Taylor McKnight and Killeshin Bambino who secured maximum points on three  of his six outings. He held a two point margin over second placed Kym Moore and Applejack.


The Primary Team event this year has been dominated by Chicks With Sticks who claimed four wins, including this week, plus two runner up positions which gave them a three point lead in the League over the Jolly Jumpers who were well deserved runners up.


The final class in Arena 2 was the very popular Novice Individual class where competition is always tight.

Daniel Moore and Harvey certainly proved their partnership consistency with their third consecutive win of this series. Christine Dallas and Buster slotted into second place. However, topping the League Leaderboard was Hannah Patterson and Ladybug followed by Emma Lutton riding Dooneens Be My Baby.


The duo from Aquinas had another very successful day in Arena 1 by winning the Novice competition and winning the League overall by a significant margin.  They epitomized consistency by never  being out of the top three.  Second on the day was Down High Gold who were one of eight teams to finish on a zero score . Larne Grammar Blue Team claimed second placing in the League.

The Open Team leader board at the start of the day showed a fourteen point differential in the top two spots. The leaders, Ballynahinch High School, had to settle for 8thplace on the day but that was sufficient to ensure that they were crowned League Champions. Campbell College A Team were the winners on the day ahead of Ballyclare Secondary who were League runners up. 

The Open Individual class saw nerves clearly getting to some of the competitors. The daily win went to Emma Jane Orr and her fabulous mare Jazzy Susie who also claimed the League prize in the Premier Individual class.  Runner up on the day was the fairly new and exciting combination of Alfie Adair and the incredible Dolly’s Buzz. Top of the League was Ryan McGuigan and Just Because D & M, followed by Sophie Hanna and Oreo Patches.


The final class of the day is the Premier Individual where Josh Mark proved his worth with a superb win onCalinvella, followed by Vikki Fox and Bonnie Sir Edward. Following Emma Jane at the top of the League table was Melissa McKee and Diamond Beach Babe.


The Meadows Equestrian Centre would like to thank the Sponsors, TRI Equestrian, Judy Maxwell of Baileys Horse Feeds and Lisburn Bowl whose generosity and support of the League is very much appreciated. Thanks, too, to all the Judges, Starters, Tack Inspectors.  Arena Parties and Office staff as well as all the schools, together with their chefs d’equipe, who supported this very popular League.


Please remember  to purchase your tickets for the prizegiving which will be held in the Seagoe Hotel on Saturday 19th January.


The Final League Tables are posted on the MEC website.

Please check these out and advise Dora on any queries BEFORE 24 December.

 Full Results

Primary Individual – 50cms

1.      Lily Murphy, Toby

2.      Brooke Rafferty, PennwayPacassio

3.      Sarah MacKenzie, Taz

4.      Julianna Nelson, Star

5.      Charlotte Nelson, Bonnie

6.      Annie McTaggart, Mini Milton


Tack & Turn Out Winner

Eve Lindsay, Henry


Primary Individual – 60cms

1.      Lily Murphy, Buzby

2.      Beth Wishart, Ballindarragh Belle

3.      Lucy Orr, Buster

4.      Charlotte Nelson, Bonnie

5.      Elizabeth McCracken, Thunder

6.      Ted Geary, Skye Blue


Tack & Turn Out Winner

Emma Stewart, Applejack Buttercrunch



Primary Individual – 70cms

1.      Tilly Tumilty, LJ Sparkey

2.      Ruby Kinkaid, Lismahon Houdini

3.      Taylor McKnight, Asterix

4.      Zoe Caskey, Gunner

5.      Kym Moore, Applejack

6.      Millie Mulvenna, Zulu


Tack & Turn Out Winner

Millie Mulvenna, Zulu


Primary Teams

1.      Chicks With Sticks (Charlotte Betts, Mac, Charlotte McCracken, Tynan Petal, Katie Robinson, Cloud, Taylor McKnight, Bambi)

2.      Jolly Jumpers (Ruby Kinkaid, Houdini, Taylor McKnight, Asterix, Elizabeth McCracken, Joey, Emma Burns, Perfect Peter)

3.      KZS Flyers (Zoe Caskey, Speedie, Kym Moore, Paddy, Zoe Caskey, Gunner, Kym Moore, Applejack)

4.      Iveagh Little Mix (Lily Murphy, Buzby, Tilly Tumilty, LJ Sparkey, Elizabeth McCracken, Thunder, Kitty Cullen, Totes)

5.      The LoansomeThoms (Sophia Bingham, Quincey, Holly Ross, Dapple, Jack Morrow, Freckles, Eve Lindsay, Quincey)

6.      Rapid Rebels (Ted Geary, Sky Blue, Mya McMullan, Lily, Molly O’Connor, Glider, Andrew Sharvin, Archill Lass)


Tack & Turn Out Winners

1.      Iveagh Little Mix (Lily Murphy, Buzby, Tilly Tumilty, LJ Sparkey, Elizabeth McCracken, Thunder, Kitty Cullen, Totes)



Novice Individual – 85cms

1.      Benjamin Moore, Harvey

2.      Christine Dallas, Pontcefnyffordd Buster

3.      Abbie McMillen, Bonnie

4.      Jessica Mark, Betty

5.      Adam Sossick, Loughview Diamond Clover

6.      Katelyn Irvine, O’Hara’s Dream


Tack & Turn Out Winner

Katelyn Irvine, Duach Shadow



Novice Teams

1.      Aquinas (Ellen McEvoy, Indie, Jean McComish, Buddy, Jean McComish, Indie, Ellen McEvoy, Buddy)

2.      Down High Gold (Ellie Simpson, Tigger, Tara Emmett, Diamond Girl, Katie Watson, Rock Rebel, Tara Emmett, Springhill Quickstep)

3.      Dromore High Flyers (Catherine McClelland, Starlight, Poppy Moore, Grecora Angel, Katie Topley, Tipp Gen, Ton I McClure, The Black Rose)

4.      Drumragh Integrated (Conor Harris, Paris Douglas, Rince, Sarah Boyle, Hey There Delilah, Claire Murnaghan, Hacker)

5.      Fort Hill (Rory Kinnear, Regardless, Eden Foley, Escape Artist, Kodie Clarke, Heidi, Rory Kinnear, Spencer)

6.      Wallace High School (Abbie McMillen, Bonnie, Ailis Thompson, Ruby, Ceoladh Crozier, Blaze, Caoimhe Crozier, Kildromin Banjo)


Tack & Turn Out Winner

Larne Grammar Blue (Joel Peoples, The Ranger, Katie Lee Houston, Tic Tac Sally, Anna Jackson, Old Town Starling, Tyler Houston, Dunshane Sir Percival)


Open Individual

1.      Emma Jane Orr, Jazzy Suzie

2.      Alfie Adair, Dolly’s Buzz

3.      Connie Crothers, Estella Expectations

4.      Lucy Savage, Knockash Willis

5.      Sophie Hanna, Oreo Patches

6.      Megan Carson, Tynan Tobias


Tack & Turn Out winner

Ellen Donnelly, Reme


Open Teams

1.      Campbell College ‘A’ (Ruari Clarke, Junkie, Hugo O’Neill, Jude, Roddy Pannell, Rico, Hugo O’Neill, Junkie)

2.      Ballyclare Secondary (Emma Ewing, Murph, Tori Jewiss, Charlie, Jessica McConnell, Finding Nemo, Benjamin Gilmore, Katie)

3.      Friends School, Lisburn (Charlie Black, Oscar Rua, anna White, Jimmy Thunderstuck, Ben Rowlatt McCormick, MJI Cabernet, Tom Rowlatt McCormick, Mon Ami Tonnerre)

4.      Assumption Grammar (Zara Burns, Clover, Lucy savage, Woodstock P, Angela McAufield, Hazel, Lucy Savage, Knockash Willis)

5.      Ballyclare High School (Felicity McConnell, Rickamore Sport, Bradie Hogg, Tyson, Bradie Hogg, Rickamore Sport, Felicity McConnell, Tyson)

6.      Down High Eagles (Lara Kelly, Drumcaughey Diamond, Zara Sharvin, Ruby, Abby Cummiskey, Apache dove, Abby Cummiskey, Indian Sky)


Tack & Turn Out Winners


Ballyclare Secondary (Emma Ewing, Murph, Tori Jewiss, Charlie, Jessica McConnell, Finding Nemo, Benjamin Gilmore, Katie)


Premier Individual

1.      Josh Mark, Calinvella

2.      Vikki Fox, Bonnie Sir Edward

3.      Emma Jane Orr, Jazzie Susie

4.      Melissa McKee, Beach Babe

5.      Tom Rowlatt McCormick, Mon Ami Tonnerre

6.      Ryan McGuigan, Just Because D & M


Tack & Turn Out Winner

1.      Ryan McGuigan, Just Because D & M



Monday 17th December 2018

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