Competitors at week four of the Baileys Horse Feeds Flexi Eventing had to contend with a windy start although, thankfully, it was short lived and the sun was out for most of the day.

There were quite a few new combinations in attendance, with some of them featuring in the top placings.

The most eye catching duet in Intro ‘A’, as far as Judge, Jacky Reid, was concerned, was Masters’ student, Aislinn Captain, riding Cindy Cunningham’s six year old appaloosa gelding, Comanche Arrow, who finished on a score of 70.5, one point clear of Johnny Hagan and Buddy.

Commanche Arrow is definitely a ‘rags to riches’ fairy tale. Cindy and Stan Cunningham are well known for their love of appaloosas and ‘Little Arrow’ was one of a group of six bought by the Cunninghams from a farm that had fallen into financial difficulties. Sadly, he was in very poor health but with their devotion to the breed and, indeed, to horses generally, the husband and wife team nursed him back to good health and this was only his second competition so we all look forward to following this combination’s eventing journey. Johnny Hagan’s Buddy is a six year old grey gelding by Chillout, the same sire as Andrew Nicholson’s 5* horses, Swallow Spring and Bonza King of Rouges. He competed last year with Suzanne Hagan in the driving seat at the Balmoral Young Event Horse class. This is another exciting young horse which will be debuting his eventing career this season.

The ‘B’ section, judged by Lucinda Webb Graham, saw Kathryn Henderson rise to the top on Betty, her ten year old Builder’s Delight mare which she has been competing under Eventing Ireland rules for the past four years. They scored a very impressive 73.3 with Margaret Creighton occupying her usual second position on La-Di-Da.

Martina McKinley certainly drew the short straw this week, being invited to judge an extremely well subscribed Pre Novice class. Her top marks were reserved for newcomer, Lesley Jones riding Yvonne Pearson’s six year old chestnut gelding, Christie (Cairnview Redwood Guy), whom she bought off David Kirkpatrick as a four year old. The combination secured a third placing in the Pre Novice class at Loughanmore last season on their maiden eventing outing. Jenny Nixon, who is also showing great consistency, took the runner up spot with Harvey, her eight year old gelding by Cruise On Harley.

Joanne Jarden cast her critical eye over the twenty one starters in the Novice class where she awarded her best score to Charlotte Dixon and Zermie,  Barbara Dixon’s eighteen year old Dutch bred gelding who were making their first Flexi appearance. Denis Currie and Arodstown Aramis had to settle for second place, just fractionally behind.

Helen Faulkner and Ann Cunningham’s Derryvane Danny shone in the Intermediate class with a score of 71% followed one point behind with Izzy Riley on her mother’s DHI No Fear, a seven year old gelding by the Dutch stallion, Nonstop.

Once again, the showjumping and cross country judges were kept exceptionally busy all day although in both cases it seems to have been a day of ‘4 faultitis’ with the results showing a smaller ratio of clear rounds than normal.

Sincere thanks go to all the Officials and volunteers on the day who did sterling work to ensure that all three phases ran like clockwork.

Dressage entries for 8 February must be with Dora by 5pm on Wednesday.

Full Results


Arena 1- Intro ‘A’- Judge: Jacky Reid

  1. Aislinn Captain, Commanche Arrow
  2. Johnny Hagan, Buddy

3=  Janice Reddy, Cracker & Amy Steele, Big Adventure & Shane McKeever, KHS Impact

  1. Lucy Arthur, Bel Cavallo


Arena 1- Intro ‘B’- Judge: Lucinda Webb-Graham

  1. Kathryn Henderson, Betty
  2. Margaret Creighton, La-Di-Da
  3. Suzi McClean, Simba
  4. Suzanne Maguire, Monlough Meteor

5=  Anya Teuton, Lisrua Star & Caitie Slater, Tango


Arena 2- Pre Novice – Judge: Martina McKinley

  1. Lesley Jones, Christie
  2. Jenny Nixon, Harley

3=  Charlotte Dixon, Milo & Nicola Martin, Butter

  1. Nichola Wray, Lady Grey

6= Grace Kehoe, Fifty Shades of Grey & Troy Watson, Nightlife


Arena 3 – Novice- Judge: Joanne Jarden

  1. Charlotte Dixon, Zermie
  2. Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis
  3. Alex Cleland, Rafa Smash
  4. Lynne Tennis, Dowdstown Dancer
  5. Suzanne Hagan, Brooke
  6. Gemma Goodrich, Lisnamuck What A Cracker


Arena 3 –Intermediate- Judge: Joanne Jarden

  1. Helen Faulkner, Derryvane Danny
  2. Izzy Riley, DHI No Fear
  3. Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis
  4. David O’Connor, Queenie


Show Jumping (double clears)


Emily Stewart, Outta Reach, Craig Carson, Beauty, Ross Graham, Zulu



James Johnston, Gill, Coleen Murphy, Aria, Heather Smith, Tai, Patrick Cunningham, Sam, Kaitie McCann, Ronaldo, Amy Robinson, Marty, Chloe Lister-Tinsley, Timmy, Marina Stewart, Phoenix, Kiera Malcolmson, Rosie, Evan Hobson, Promise Me, Amy Steele, Big Adventure


Maddie Haldane, Mr Murphy, Lara McRobb, Cheska, Ruth English, Eagle, Emily Corbett, Rupert, Claire Smith, Tilly, Zara Smith, Charlie, Emma Jackson, Diego, Rebecca Parlana, Honey, Rebecca Parlana, Marco, Helen Faulkner, Derryvane Danny, Katie Flanagan, Rusty, Dean Cotton, Whinney, Molly O’Connor, Rosfad Runaway, Beth Murray, Cavalier Cobra, Jenny Nixon, Harley, Charlotte Dixon, Zermie, Lucy Johnston, Woody


Abby Cummiskey, Hawaii, Emma Jackson, Connor, Emma Jackson, Ben, Ellie McElroy, Lough Doo Maverick, Felicity McConnell, Finding Nemo, Lesley Jones, Paddy, Darren Irwin, Ellie, Kat Butler-Ward, The Spin Doctor, Alison Baird, TMS Freya, Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Lass, James Johnston, Edentrillick, Luke Campbell, Kruzer, Lauren Carville, Rosie, James McEvoy, Ballyward, Megan Nelson, Goldfinch, Jessica Nelson, Young Taipan, Lesley Jones, Kilpatrick Lord, Lesley Jones, Christie, Carly Douglas, Reggie, Maebh McIlduff, Dalsown Dun and Dusted, David O’Connor, Hope


Lucy Johnston, Twinkle, Harrison Blair, Free Lily, Emily Corbett, Otter, Lorraine Leavesley, Sherlock, Matthew Johnston, Jupiter, Emma Jackson, Amy, Emma Jackson, Silky, Jonny Mulligan, Molly, Sarah Burns, Star, Kate Shields, Melody Maker, Olivia Marshall, Clougho, David Taylor, Junior


Lucy Johnston, Twinkle, Suzanne Hagan, Orbie


Cross Country (clear rounds)


David O’Connor, Fred, Ashley Ervine, Tilly, Suzi McClean, Simba, Nikki Cullen, Tango Lad, Shane McKeever, KHS Impact, Bethany Smith, Golden Grove Royal Wedding, Enda Ivanoff, Promise Me, Kerry Parkhill, Ted, Johnny Mulligan, Ash


Nicola Martin, Butter, Jordana Busby, Misty, Zara Smith, Charlie, Zara Smith, Tilly, Caitie Slater, Tango, Diane Scott, Rose, Mags, Lowhill Nice, Mollie O’Connor, Rossfad Runaway, Kathryn Henderson, Betty, Nicky Nesbitt, Carrickview Saratoga, Felicity Johnston, Horse, Emma Brown, Turley’s Tina, Mya McCullough, Beechill Sue, Sophie Bingham, Floss, Amy Steele, Big Adventure, Kerry Parkhill, Elsa, Barbara Johns, John Rambo, Sharon Riddell, Stella, Katie Flanagan, Rusty, Anya Teuton, Lisrua Star


Brady Hogg, Western Tyson, Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Lass, Margaret Creighton, La-Di-Da, Nichola Wray, Lady Grey, Rachael Broome, Cookie, Shane McKeever, KHS Impact, Charlotte Dixon, Trump, Nicky Corr, Grease, Nicky Corr, Beano


Arena 1- Intro ‘A’- Judge: Will McAuley

  1. Nicky Nesbitt, Carrickview Saratoga

2= Margaret Creighton, La-Di-Da & Kathryn Henderson, Betty

  1. Mya McCullough, Beechill Sue
  2. Suzanne McClean, Simba
  3. Lynn Spence, Will

Arena 1- Intro ‘B’- Judge: Sally Hodgkinson

  1. Caitie Slater, Tango
  2. Lara McRobb, Cheska
  3. Shane McKeever, KHS Impact
  4. Shane Belton, Eva
  5. Sharon McKeever, Cosmic Rollo
  6. Lynne Spence, KOM

Arena 2 – Pre Novice –Judge: Coreen Abernethy

  1. Grace Kehoe, Fifty Shades of Grey
  2. Nicola Martin, Butter
  3. Heather Hillen, Flynn
  4. Penny Murphy, Kontiki

5= Jennifer McCann, Oakhill Charm & Heather Fulton, Molton Crown & Penny Murphy, Ebony & Florence Campbell, Ben


Arena 3 – Novice- Judge: David Patterson

  1. Lucca Stubington, Xenophon
  2. Emily Morris, Buddy
  3. Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis
  4. Olivia Johns, Lagans Peter
  5. Alex Cleland, Rafa Smash
  6. Charlotte Keers, Western Ocala


Arena 3 –Intermediate- Judge: David Patterson

  1. Hannah Blakely, Clerkson
  2. Alex Houston, Echo
  3. Sarah Gilkinson, Lush Upgrade
  4. Helen Faulkner, Derryvane Danny
  5. Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis
  6. Lucca Stubington, Quingenti


Showjumping (double clears)


Katie Crozier, Mastermind, Caitlin Rafferty, Timmy, Kenny Traynor, Hank


David O’Connor, Masha, Gemma Goodrich, Remember My Colours, Damon McCann, Kyle Earl, Becky McBride, Star, Eimhear Donaghy, Frank, Alex Greer, Phoenix Spark, Kathryn Henderson, Betty, Scarlet Thompson, Intersat Cleopatra, Caitlin Rafferty, Timmy, Shannon Treanor, Blackie, Dean Cotton, Winnie, Annie O’Hare, Beefy Boy, Christine Ivanoff, Jessica Honeymoon, Cooper, Molly O’Connor, Rosfad Runaway, Christine McVeigh, Keeford Elamo, Beth Murray, Cooper


Shannon Treanor, Lorenzo, Pippa Robinson, Kilmore Diamond Lass, Heather Fulton, Alois, Claire Murnaghan, Akaroa Bittersweet, Michael Donnelly, Scoobie, Ruth English, Eagle, Caitie Slater, Tango, Annie O’Hare, Beefy Boy, Emma Leathem, Drumcill Classic, Elsa McCann, Alfie, Lara McRobb, Chester, Grace Keogh, Fifty Shades of Grey, Stephanie Wilding, Belle


Caroline Crossan, Ronnie, David O’Connor, Jake, Dean Cotton, Fizz, Craig  Carson, Buddy, Mya McCullough, Beechill Sue, Stephen Martin, Butterscotch Major, Meabh McIlduff, Dun and Dusted, Brady Hogg, Tyson, Kate Shields, Ballinglen Major, Kat Butler, The Spin Doctor, Claire Liddle, Molly, Ben Foster, Northern Belle, Lauren Carville, Rosie, Charlotte Keers, Western Ocala, Beth Murray, Val Mezeroy, Ella McAllister, Suzie, Abby Morton, Reilly, Joe Harris, Coppindell Concorde, Nikki Cullen, Coppindell Concorde, Morgan Hirst, Greco, Vicky Dobbin, Impy, Robyn McFadden, Game Changer, Heather Hillen, Flynn, Rachel Rooney, Ardnacashel Autumn, Heather Fulton, Molton Crown, Andrew Napier, Hazeldene Elsa, Johnny Mulligan, Maddy, Lucy Johnston, Woody


Olivia Johns, Lagans Peter, Alex Cleland, Rafa Smash, Phoebe Beaumont, Roundthorn Cladagh, Gemma Chambers, Blueoak Harry, Suzanne Hagan, Brooke, Vicki Potter, Cruising Lily, Matthew Johnston, Jupiter


Suzanne Hagan, Brooke

Cross Country (Clear round)


Beth Murray, Cavalier, Elizabeth Smith, Rocky, Heather Hilland, Flynn, Shane McKeever, KHS Impact, Molly O’Connor, Runaway, Holly McCallan, Collen, Holly McCallan, Bee, Enda Ivanoff, Dexter, Shane Belton, Eva, Eimear Donaghy, Frank, Rachel Foster, Duchess, Stephanie Wilding, Belle, Lynsey Barnett, TinyIsla Acheson, Marley, Damon McCann, Kyle Earl, Fiona Lowry, Cluainin John Joe, Alex Greer, Phoenix Spark, Laura Napier, Max, Kathryn Henderson, Betty, Oliver Kinnear, Harvey


Susan Cummiskey, Holly, Mya McCullough, Beechill Sue, Elaine Scott, Castlehaven Diamond Mary, Denise Kelly, Lily, Brady Hogg, Western Tyson, Kate Shields, Ballinglen Major, Heather Fulton, Molton Crown, David O’Connor, Jake, David O’Connor, Rylie, Wendy Kirk, Bear, Claire Murnaghan, Akara Buttersweet, Helen Failkner, Derryvane Danny, Anya Teuton, Lisnia Star, Nicky Corr, Grace, Lauren Carville, Rosie, Alex Turley, Anns Bob, Michelle Donnelly, Scooby, Nicky Corr, Tom, Caroline Millar, Alfie, David O’Connor, Horse, Nicola Martin, Butter, Elsa McCallum, Alfie, Jordana Busby, Misty, Diane Scott, Rosie, Ben Foster, Northern Belle, Amy Steele, Big Adventure, Lara McRobb, Tosca, Grace Keogh, Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian Ormond, Diamond, Nicky Corr, Armpit, Kerry Parkhill, Elsa, Nicky Corr, Bono, Helen Faulkner, Kontiki, Heather Fulton, alice, Nicky Corr, Milo, Amy Cassidy, Bella


Meabh McIlduff, Dalsown Dun and Dusted, Kat Butler Ward, The Spin Doctor, Charlotte Keers, Western  Ocala, Stephen Martin, Butterscotch Major, Nichola Wray, Lady Grey, Chloe Harrison, Paradise Cavalier, Nikki Cullen, Tango Lad, Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Lass, Vicki Henry Potter, Cruising Lily, Florence Campbell, Ben, Johnny Mulligan, Matty, Dominique Winpenny, Raisin, Hannah Blakely, Clerkson, Gemma Chambers, Blueoak Harry






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