Birthday Present ‘Bella’ delivers for Rosie at Baileys Horse Feeds Flexi Eventing

It was a case of normal play at The Meadows for the penultimate leg of the Baileys Horse Feeds Flexi Eventing despite the threat of Storm Ellen. While there were certainly occasions of wind, rain and piercing cold, the diehards carried on regardless, chasing those all important points.

Once again an Intro entry of over thirty required a class split and Lucinda Webb-Graham very kindly judged both classes. The combination which caught her eye and was awarded 74.8 % in the ‘A’ section was regular campaigner, Nicky Nesbitt with her very precious Irish Draft mare, Carrickview Saratoga with which she competed in the EI90 Amateur class for the last two years. Margaret Creighton occupied what seems to be her permanent position of second on her seven year old Clover Echo mare, La-Di-Da.

Meantime there is still great friendly rivalry in the McKeever household where Shane took top honours this week in the Intro  ‘B’ section  with his fifteen year old Master Imp gelding, KHS Impact, replicating his second week performance. His wife Sharon, who won in the inaugural week and who has gained a number of top six placings had to settle for fourth on this occasion. Second place was shared between Nicola Martin riding Armpit which normally has Nicky Corr at the helm and Holly McClenaghan with her five year old Obelix mare which is already showing great form.

Veterinary Surgeon Rosie Alcorn, who has recently returned to Northern Ireland had a busy day on Saturday with three dressage entries and numerous showjumping and cross country rounds. She certainly clocked up a good result in a strong Pre Novice class under the watchful eye of Judge, Janet Hall where she topped the leaderboard with Bella on a score of 73%. Bella is a seven year old, bred by John Reid, from his stallion, Centrestage out of Renkum Blaithain and was actually presented to Rosie as a foal for her 21st birthday because she was a full sister to Fiorella with which Rosie competed Nationally and Internationally between 2011 and 2016. Runner up was Lois Thompson riding Jackie Harris’s KC (Rubane Oldtown Cruise) a six year old gelding by Oldtown KC which competed last year under Eventing Ireland rules.

Denis Currie was back on winning form in the Novice class, judged by Angeline Nicholson, with his faithful and consistent steed, Arodstown Aramis where he was the only combination to break through the 70% barrier. Second place went to a delighted Alex Cleland and her nine year old Beach Ball gelding, Rafa Smash with which she evented as a junior last year.

There were just seven starters in the Intermediate class with Ella Boyle accounting for three of those. She took the win under the careful scrutiny of Angeline Nicholson, with Candy 737, a mare by Captain Fire which last competed at Tattersalls in the 3* U25 class. Hannah Blakely came in over two points adrift with Clerkson, her nine year old gelding by the Sadler’s Wells stallion, Clerkenwell.

Entries were well up in both Show Jumping and Cross Country where the 1m class was particularly well subscribed. There is always a great variety of fences used in both arenas and the courses are gradually increasing in technicality each week. The 1m, 1.10m and 1.20m showjumping competitors had a treble combination to contend with this week as good preparation for the imminent start of both showjumping and eventing.

Next week is the final of this very successful league, very kindly sponsored by Judy Maxwell of Baileys Horse Feeds. The prizes for the top 15 will be presented the following week, March 7th.

It was hoped that the competition on that date would take the form of a Mini One Day Event with dressage moving onto the grass arenas and the Cross Country occupying both Arenas 1 and 3. However, with the very considerable rainfall over the last few weeks and more forecast, this will not be possible so our competition on 7th March will retain the same format as that used for the Baileys Horse Feeds Flexi Eventing League.

As ever, our sincere thanks go to all the volunteers who braved the cold, wind and rain to fulfil the full range of duties required to keep our competitions in all three arenas moving smoothly. We really are very lucky to have such a willing and efficient group of helpers.

Full Results


Arena 1 – Intro ‘A’- Judge: Lucinda Webb-Graham

  1. Nicky Nesbitt, Carrickview Saratoga
  2. Margaret Creighton, La-Di-Da
  3. Lara McRobb, Cheska
  4. Eve McDowell, Nakuti
  5. Jenny Lindsay, Fanad Romeo
  6. Anne MacOscar, Russell


Arena 1 – Intro ‘B’- Judge: Lucinda Webb-Graham

  1. Shane McKeever, KHS Impact

2= Nicola Martin, Armpit & Holly McClenaghan, Bea

  1. Sharon McKeever, Cosmic Rollo

5= Caitlin Brown, Monkey Business & Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Lass


Arena 2 – Pre Novice- Judge: Janet Hall

  1. Rosie Alcorn, Bella
  2. Lois Thompson, KC

3= Nicola Ennis, Killossery Kitten & Charlotte Dixon, Trump & Hannah Blakely, Classy Cruise

  • Nicola Wray, Lady Grey


Arena 3- Novice- Judge: Angeline Nicholson

  1. Denis Currie, arodstown Aramis
  2. Alex Cleland, Rafa Smash
  3. Rosie Alcorn, Woody
  4. Tori Dixon, Zermie
  5. Charlotte Dixon, Milo

6= Lynne Tennis, Dowdstown Dancer & Kathryn Graham, Flush Hill Fendi



Arena 3- Intermediate- Judge: Angeline Nicholson

  1. Ella Boyle, Candy
  2. Hannah Blakely, Clerkson
  3. Helen Faulkner, Derryvasne Danny
  4. Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis
  5. Ella Boyle, Vogue
  6. Jessica McIntyre, Kiki


Show Jumping (double clear rounds)


No result


Amy Steele, Big Adventure, Louise McFarland, Technicolour Dream, Heather Hillen, Flynn, Mandy Blakely, Kizzy, Katie Lee McCluskey, Princess, Alex Greer, Phoenix Spark, Michelle Donnelly, Spotty, Katie-Lee McCluskey, Redhill Bobby Blue


Lara McRobb, Cheska, Eithne O’Hanrahan, Sam, Helen Faulkner, Danny



Neil Morrison, Diane, Simone Leathem, Junior, Ellie Parkhill, Mac, Mags Oleszek, Low Hill Nice Surprise, Nicola Ennis, Khalessi, Paul Caves, Yolo, Holly McClenaghan, Bea, Kat Butler-Ward, The Spin Doctor, Nicky Nesbitt, Carrickview Saratoga, Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis, Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Lass, Archie Wilding, Rocco, Nicky Corr, Armpit, Lauren Carville, Rosie, Janie Cairns, James, Nicola Ennis, Kittens, Grace Kehoe, Fifty Shades of Grey



Amanda Goldsbury, Penny, Sarah Kinnear, Jenna, Holly McClenaghan, Mr P, Hugo O’Neill, Ludo, Tara Carroll, Right on Q, Charlotte Dixon, Trump, Danielle Kennedy, Joey, Connor Mcclory, Ears, Connor McClory, Hylda



Jessica McIntyre, Chilli, Jessica McIntyre, Fabio


Cross Country (Clear rounds)


Aislin Captain, Comanche Arrow, Jas Hogg, Rebel, Alex Cleland, Rafa Smash, Jenny Lindsay, Fanad Romeo, Daniel Cullen, Ginger, Beverley Caves, Marge, David O’Connor, Bella, David O’Connor, Esma, Lynne Tennis, Dowdstown Dancer



Anya Teuton, Lisrua Star, Michael McNally, Lady, Heather Hilland, Flynn, Declan Cullen, Merve, Kitty Cullen, Gemma, Helen Faulkner, Ebony, Nicola Martin, Butter, Janie Cairns, Shakira, Eithne O’Hanrahan, Sam, Hannah Blakely, Classy Cruise, Emma Wallace, Killy, Caitlin Brown, Monkey Business, Kathryn Henderson, Betty



Lauren Carville, Rosie, Ella McAllister, Suzi, Grace Keogh, Fifty Shades of Grey, Laoise O’Farrell, Miss Cole, Andrew Napier, Elsa, Lara McRobb, Cheska, Andrew Mapier, Harley, Amanda Goldsberry, Lance, Amanda Goldsberry, Penny, Michael McNally, Carlos, Nicola Ennis, Gerry, Nicola Ennis, Khalessi, Mags Oloszek, Lowhill Nice Surprise, Kat Butler Ward, The Spin Doctor, Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Girl, Nicky Corr, Beano, Ellie Parkhill, Mac, Hannah Blakely, Classy Cruise, Leah Knight, Zeb, Bethany Smith, Dun Surprise, Laura Napier, Max, Rosie Alcorn, Woody, Tara Carroll, Right on Q, Holly McClenaghan, Mr P, Stephanie Wilding, Belle,  Archie Wilding, Rocco, Nicky Corr, Armpit, Nichola Wray,  Lady Grey, Bernadette Curry, Teo’s Chance, Johnny Mulligan, Ciderman, Nicky Nesbitt, Ringfort India


Current League Placings







Nikki Cullen

Danske Coevers Lass



Denis Currie

Arodstown Aramis



Nicola Martin




Grace Kehoe

Fifty Shades of Grey



Nicky Nesbitt

Carrickview Saratoga



Amy Steele

Big Adventure



Anya Teuton

Lisrua Star



Nichola Wray

Lady Grey



Alex Cleland

Rafa Smash



Margaret Creighton




Caitie Slater




Shane McKeever

KHS Impact



Lauren Carville




Kat Butler Ward

The Spin Doctor



Kathryn Henderson




Lara McRobb




Bernadette Curry

Teo’s Chance



Heather Hillen




Helen Faulkner

Derryvane Danny



Mya McCullough

Beechill Sue


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