Meadows Equestrian Centre

Wednesday 10th June 2020




Double Clear:

Sarah Moore, Ellie; Charlotte McCracken, Whiskey Jack; Pippa Moore, Makers and Liam Colcannon, Poppy.



Double Clears:

Liam Colcannon, Copper; Alana Eadie, Willow; Jonathan Smyth, Fyfin Willie; Amelia Wheeler, Paddington; Brooke Rafferty, Ava’s Ruby and Liam Colcannon, Poppy.



Double Clears

Jonny Mulligan, SKB Joey; Una McSorley, Holly; Sinead Adair, Mary; Blaithnaid Doherty, Cammy; Emer Magee, Misty; Sienna Dalzell, Chester, Brooke Rafferty, Ava’s Ruby; John Kilgore, Bruce and Jonny Mulligan, Banksy.



Double Clears

Elaine Morrow, Daisy; Eimear O’Neill, Gypsy; Blaithnaid Doherty, Cammy; Sharon Murphy, James; Jonny Mulligan, Kizmet; Sorcha Hanly, My Seafield Romeo; John Kilgore, Bruce and  Sinead Adair, Mary.



Double Clears

Grace Sheridan, Superior Sprint; Ann Bowe, Breeze; Andrew McSorley, Leo; Stephanie Elloitt, Ben; Keith McDonald, Springburn Shutterfly; Phoebe Harbinson, Star; Lara Kelly, Cascum Kalel; Anna White, Jimmy; Holly Woods, Caprio; Mary McShane, GRC Quality and Andrew McSorley, Eric.



Double Clears

Sarah Sproule, Rainbow; Fiona Fitzgibbon, Dora; Alex Cleland, Wolff; Victoria Clarke- Mullen, Carrickview Flamenco; Sam El Dehan, Lucy; Jonny Mulligan, Twinkle; Jonathan Smyth, Vinnie; Wendy Anderson, Archie and Toni McClenaghan, Rio.



Double Clears

Alex Cleland, Wolff; Wendy Anderson, Archie; Sam El Dehan, Shira; Olivia McCormack, Haifa and Sam El Dehan, Zak.


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