128 70cms
Double Clears
Liam Concannon, Loughkey Star; Charlotte McCracken, Whiskey Jack; Zara Jane Kelly, Annabelle; Elsie Tunney, Crindle Bee Two; Annabelle McKenzie, Sparkling Mr Castlewarren and Zara Jane Kelly, Jack.

128 80cms
Double Clears
Liam Concannon, Loughkey Star; Kenny Treanor, Gaga and Zara Jane Kelly, Annabelle.

128 90cms
Double Clears
Lily Tunney, In it to win it; Caitlin Kelly, Betty and India Heffron, My Little Shadow.

138 80cms
Double Clears
Megan Carville, Joni and kaitlin Rafferty, Abulgo

138 90cms
Double Clears
Lucy McCann, Callens Lady; Emma Burns, Tootsie; India Heffron, Double Trouble; Lily Tunney, Brackla Dancer; Kaitlin Rafferty, Timmy and Lucy McCann, Gortmore Julie.

138 1m
Double Clears
Lucy McCann, Gortmore Julie; Beth Thompson, Bobby; Cara McFadden, Orfelia VD Bisschop; Lucy McCann, Callans Lady; Beth Thompson, Diego and Cara McFadden, Cullagh Dawn.

138 1.10m
Double Clears
Cara McFadden, Cullen Down and Beth Thompson, Diego.

148 90cms
Double Clears
Erin Talbot, Sandy; Ava Stubbs, Tosca; Zara Smyth, Charlie and Mary-Kate Rice, Rakish Talisman.

148 1m
Double Clears
Ava Stubbs, Tosca; Erin Talbot, Sandy; Mary-Kate Rice, Rakish Talisman; Cormac Taggart, Maddie and Cara McFadden, Infinity.

148 1.10m
Double Clears
Clara Maguire, Simon Said; Simone Leathem, Coolys Trendy; Beth Thompson, Honey; Niamh McEvoy, Joey; Cara McFadden, Infinity; Emily Steele, Freddie and Simone Leathem, Coolys Showtime.

148 1.20m
Double Clears
Beth Thompson, Honey; Niamh McEvoy, Jonny and Niamh McEvoy, Joey.

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