Meadows Equestrian Centre

Wednesday Training Day

17 June 2020




Double Clear

Pippa Moore, Makers



Double Clears

Megan Hannaway, Sonia; Noel McKee, Jenson; Jonathan Smyth, Willie; Harriet O’Hagan, Naughty; Jonathan Smyth, Premier Balfou Boy; Amelia Wheeler, Paddington and Jonathan Smyth, Bosch.



Double Clears

Kerry Taggart, Paris; Calum Hoey, George; Rachel Craig, Harry; Brooke Rafferty, Ava’s Ruby; Jonathan Smyth, Basil; Jodie Creighton, Iggy; Sarah Moore, Ellie; Richard Smyth, Luibon; Courtney Lynn, Fit Filly; Stacey Watling, Harry; Thomas McCausland, Shai; Darcy Fehnert, Who; Ruby Concannon, Jessie; Heather Steele, Bluestone Ludo; Bronagh Stevenson,  Chicca; Rushelle Kerr, Speedy; Rebecca Smyth, Rooney, Émer Magee, Misty; Jodie Creighton, Jill; Kerry Taggart, Skye; Calum Hoey, Honey Drum; Jonathan Smyth, Rio; James Courtney Cadam, LCC Manny; Cormac McElroy, Ballymack Alanna; Stacey Watling, Dippy and Jonathan Smyth, Springball.



Double Clears

Rihanna Thompson, Ricardo; Beth Cunningham, Dreamer; Jodie Creighton, Jill; Katie Gibson, Talyani; Katherine McCauley, Archie; Alanna Dunlop, Million Dollar Girl; Ava Stubbs, Tosca; Marina Stewart, Troy; Jonathan Smyth, Springball; Sinead Adair, Mary; Stacey Watling, Edition; Anneka Knox, Patch Mills Sportsman; Nathan McCausland, Master Caledonia and Myah McLean, Sue.



Double Clears

Grace Sheridan, Superior Sprint; Sheena Kerr McNally, Pegasus; Wendy Anderson, Woody; Alanna Dunlop, Million Dollar Girl; Clara Daly, Greenfield Valentino; Kerry Taggart, Amara; Sarah Clarke, Ice King; Felicity McConnell, Nemo; Herbie Purce, Stan; Herbie Purce, Stan; Bradie Hogg, Ty; Lucie McElhatton, Socks and Stacey Watling, Nomination.



Double Clears

Kerry Taggart, Kate; Natasha Breen, Luxy; Stephen Gibson, Ibrahim; Stacey Watling, Nora; Craig Carson, Buddy; Toni McClenaghan, Rio; Charlotte Eakin, Callie; Eric Pele, Top Gear; Phoebe Harbinson; Star and Stephen Gibson, Tolan.



Double Clears

Charlotte Eakin, Yogi and Stephen Gibson, Louie.



Double Clears

Kerrie Kerr, Ed and Jodie Creighton, Breena.

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