All competitors please note the start time and running order of their class and follow the ECVOA bio secure protocol.

All classes will be held in Arena 1 with our large all weather Arena 3 being used as a warm up arena with two sets of warm up jumps to help ensure social distancing at all times.

Meadows Equestrian Centre 

Showjumping Training Day 

Wednesday 24th June 2020



CLASS: 60cms 
Arena 1: 9am 
Jump No
Rider Name 
Horse/ Pony Name 
1 Helen Rice Everlast Lad
2 Kaitlyn Kearns Woody
2 Eva McConnell Smartie
4 Kim fields Penelope
5 Lily Zwecker Smartie
6 Harriet ohagan Fairy
7 Brooke Rafferty Grove hill Rocky
CLASS: 70cms 
Arena 1: 9.30am 
Jump No
Rider Name 
Horse/ Pony Name 
1 Helen Rice Everlast Lad
2 Jonathan Smyth Premier Balou Boy
3 Jennifer Torrens PB
4 Ruby concannon Jessie
5 Molly McConnell Tarzan
7 Kaitlyn Kearns Bandit
8 Conor Kennedy Willow Wisp
9 Jonathan Smyth Bosco
10 Harriet ohagan Naughty
11 Zoe keys Dougle martyn
CLASS: 80cms 
Arena 1: 10.10am 
Jump No
Rider Name 
Horse/ Pony Name 
1 Jonathan Smyth Basil
2 Zoe keys Dougle martyn
3 Amelia Wheeler Paddington
4 Eden Foley Lisross Elara
5 Hugo Mcalpine Pablo
6 Jonathan Smyth Premier Sparkle
7 James Courtney Cadam Lcc Pebbles
7 Samantha McLean Charlie
9 Richard Smyth Lui Bon
11 Jonathan Smyth Willie
12 Noel McKee Jenson
13 Edmund Pannell Ogi
14 Felicity Smoky
15 Dairine O’Connor Belle
16 Cara Mae O’Connor Bandit
18 Jonathan Smyth Shilo
18 James Courtney Cadam Lcc Manny
20 Clara Burns Hero
CLASS: 90cms 
Arena 1: 11.10am 
Jump No
Rider Name 
Horse/ Pony Name 
1 Sinead Adair Mary
2 Clara Burns Hero
3 Avril Mackarel Sheba III
4 Jennifer Torrens Fred
5 Grace Hamill Clover
6 Katherine Archie
7 Jonathan Smyth Spring ball
8 Émer Magee Misty
9 James Courtney Cadam Lcc Pebbles
10 Emily Slaine Mr Grey
11 William Anderson Dusty
12 David Carvill Echo
13 Claire Gordon Benji
14 Courtney Lynn Fit filly
15 William Greene Scooby
16 Myah McLean Sue
17 Jessica Honeyman Cooper
18 Cathal Donnelly Coolnahinch wave
19 Helen Pannell Archie
20 Rachel Moore Chase
21 Dairine O’Connor Belle
22 Marina Stewart Troy
23 Alanna Dunlop Million Dollar Girl
24 James Courtney Cadam Lcc Manny
25 Kelly Taggart Lcc Kylie
26 Emily Browne Rocky
27 Freya Kennedy Kirktown Bob’s Song MIH
28 Jonathan Smyth Rio
29 Rebecca Smyth Rooney
30 Cara Mae O’Connor Bandit
31 Darcy Who
CLASS: 1m 
Arena 1: 12.40pm 
Jump No
Rider Name 
Horse/ Pony Name 
1 Harriet Pele Bing
2 Vicki titterington Charleigh
3 Sarah Clarke Ice King
4 Myah McLean Sue
5 Bernadette curry TEO’S CHANCE
6 Katie Haire My Galway Girl
7 Eden Foley Tara Ash
8 Andrew McSorley Eric
9 William Anderson Tang
10 Grace Hamill Clover
11 Lucinda Mills Indianna
12 Adrianna Hurst Cheeky Blonde
13 Clarke Hilton
14 Harriet Pele Lucy
15 Judith Graham Levi
16 Alanna Dunlop Million Dollar Girl
17 Emily Slaine Mr Grey
18 Victoria Thompson Robbie
19 Andrew McSorley Leo
20 Lisa talbot Tyme
21 Jessica Honeyman Cooper
22 Emily Browne Rocky
23 Chloe Crozier Simba
24 Beth Cunningham Dreamer
25 Clara Daly Greenfield Valentino
CLASS: 1.10m 
Arena 1: 2pm 
Jump No
Rider Name 
Horse/ Pony Name 
1 Clarke Hilton
2 Annie Courtney Cadam Lcc Dirk
3 Clara Daly Greenfield Valentino
4 Kelly Taggart Lcc Shirika
5 Felicty McConnell Nemo
6 Lucinda Mills Indianna
7 Adrianna Hurst Cheeky Blonde
8 Anna White Jimmy
9 Jane clarke Delton
10 Trudie McCoosh Lady Majella
11 Jennifer Torrens Harriet
12 Bradie Hogg Ty
13 Rachel Moore Polly
14 Phoebe Harbinson Star
15 Victoria Thompson Robbie
16 Annie Courtney Cadam Lcc Lui
17 Daryl  Somerville Paris
18 Gemma Treanor Eleo
19 Annie Courtney Cadam Lcc Peanut
20 Jane clarke Junkie
CLASS: 1.20m 
Arena 1: 3pm 
Jump No
Rider Name 
Horse/ Pony Name 
1 Gemma Treanor Eleo
2 Trudie McCoosh Lady Majella
3 Jane clarke Junkie
4 Phoebe Harbinson Star
5 Eric Pele Topgear
5 Kelly Taggart Lcc Melman
7 Fiona FitzGibbon Dora
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