Meadows Equestrian Centre 
Showjumping Training Day 
Wednesday 1st July 2020
CLASS: 50cms  Arena 1: 9am 
Jump No Rider Name  Horse/ Pony Name 
1 Annabelle Clarke Bella
CLASS: 60cms  Arena 1: 9.10am 
Jump No Rider Name  Horse/ Pony Name 
1 Kaitlyn Kearns  Henry 
2 Annabelle Clarke Casper
3 Rosa McIlhatton  Biscuit 
4 Brooke Rafferty  Rocky 
5 Freddie Clarke Firefly
6 Rachael Burns Sapphire
CLASS: 70cms  Arena 1: 9.35am 
Jump No Rider Name  Horse/ Pony Name 
1 Jonathan Smyth Bosco
2 Rosa McIlhatton  Biscuit 
3 Clara Burns Hero
4 Sara Mcmordie  Gladis 
5 Pippa Moore Makers
CLASS: 80cms  Arena 1: 10am 
Jump No Rider Name  Horse/ Pony Name 
1 Jonathan Smyth Willie 
2 Clara Burns Hero
3 Ruby concannon Jessie
4 Harriet ohagan Naughty 
5 Jonathan Smyth Premier Sparkle 
6 Charlene Clingan  Dora
7 Edmund Pannell  Ogi
8 Kate Murray  Simba
9 Una mc Sorley Holly
10 Jonathan Smyth Premier Balou Boy 
12 Kaitlyn Kearns  Diablo 
13 Samantha McLean Putras Jewel
14 Jonathan Smyth Basil 
CLASS: 90cms  Arena 1: 10.50am 
Jump No Rider Name  Horse/ Pony Name 
1 Sarah Moore Ellie
2 Ella Grant Coco
3 Graces Hamill  Clover
4 Sinead Adair  Mary
5 Jonathan Smyth Shilo
6 Emily Corbett  Silver 
7 Jonny Mulligan Derry
8 Richard Smyth  Oscar 
9 James Courtney Cadam Lcc Pebbles
10 Cara Mae O’Connor Bandit
11 Gareth nethercote  Rnh ultimate 
12 Helen Pannell Archie 
13 Roddy Pannell  Barry
14 Gemma Murphy Coco
15 Darcy Fehnert  Who
16 Émer Magee  Misty
17 Amy Coleman Lexie
18 Sarah Moore  Rocky 
19 Jonathan Smyth Basil 
20 Emily Corbett  Gold 
21 Richard Smyth  Rosie 
22 James Courtney Cadam lcc mr pebbles
23 Stephen Gibson Shadow 
24 Daryl  Somerville  Lucy 
25 Carrie Townsend Carrickbracken Delfunk
26 Emma Blair  Frank
CLASS: 1m Arena 1: 12 Noon  
Jump No Rider Name  Horse/ Pony Name 
1 Laura Grieves Harry
2 Vicki titterington Charleigh
3 Myah McLean  Sue
4 Chloe Crozier Simba
5 Ellen Ward Alfie
6 Cathal Donnelly  Coolnahinch wave 
7 Kelly Taggart lcc kylie
8 Ella Grant Coco
9 Emma McCreadie Bonnie
10 Claire Gordon  Benji 
11 William Greene  Scooby 
12 Cara Mae O’Connor Bandit
13 Graces Hamill  Clover
14 Katie Haire My Galway Girl
15 Emily Corbett Simba
16 Clara Daly  Greenfield Valentino 
17 Katie Parker May
18 Emma-Leigh McAllister  Rosebud
19 Jonny mulligan Kizmet
CLASS: 1.10m Arena 1: 12.55pm 
Jump No Rider Name  Horse/ Pony Name 
1 Katie Parker May
2 Kelly Taggart lcc harley
3 Clara Daly Greenfield Valentino 
4 Emily Corbett Buckets 
5 Sarah Clarke Ice King
6 Keith McDonald  Springburn Shutterfly 
7 Katie Mclaughlin  Des
8 Myah Mclean Sue
9 Gary Close  Brooklyn 
10 Annie Courtney Cadam  LCC Peanut
11 Gemma Murphy Shadow 
12 Edward Little  Cilestro 
13 Anna Jackson  Denzel 
14 Tracey Gallagher  Ellie May
15 Emily Corbett Phoenix
16 Kelly Taggart lcc shirika
17 Katie Mclaughlin  Star
18 Kelly Taggart lcc lady
19 Victoria Thompson Robbie
CLASS: 1.20m Arena 1: 2pm 
Jump No Rider Name  Horse/ Pony Name 
1 Tracey Gallagher  Ellie May
2 Anna Jackson  Denzel 
3 Fiona FitzGibbon  Dora
4 Victoria Thompson Finn
5 Hugo Mcalpine Cora
6 Jonny Mulligan Twinkle


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