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Double Clears

Rosa McIlhatton, Biscuit; Freddie Clarke, Firefly.



Double Clears

Rosa McIlhatton, Biscuit



Double Clears

Jonathan Smyth, Willie; Una McSorley, Holly; Stephen Gibson, K1; Jonathan Smyth, Basil.



Double Clears

Ella Grant, Coco; Grace Hamill, Clover; Sinead Adair, Mary; Jonathan Smyth, Shilo; James Courtney- Cadam, LCC Pebbles; Gareth Nethercote, RNH Ultimate; Helen Pannell, Archie; Roddy Pannell, Barry; Émer Magee, Misty; Sarah Moore, Rocky; Jonathan Smyth, Basil; James Courtney Cadam, LCC Mr Pebbles, Carrie Townsend, Carrickbracken Delfunk and Emma Blair, Frank.



Double Clears

Laura Grieves, Harry; Myah McLean, Sue; Chloe Crozier, Simba; Cathal Donnelly, Coolnahinch Wave; Emma McCreadie, Bonnie; William Greene, Scooby; Clara Daly, Greenfield Valentino; Katie Parker, May; Gemma Murphy, Coco and Harriet Pele, Bing.



Double Clears

Kelly Taggart, LCC Harley; Sarah Clarke, Ice King; Edward Little, Cilestro; Anna Jackson, Denzel; Tracey Gallagher, Ellie May; Emily Corbett, Phoenix; Katie McLaughlin, Star; Gary Close, Brooklyn; Katie McLaughlin, Des; Victoria Thompson, Robbie and Annie Courtney Cadam, LCC Peanut.



Double Clears

Anna Jackson, Denzel; Tracey Gallagher, Ellie Mae; Eric Pele, Topgear; Victoria Thompson, Cora; Hugo McAlpine, Cora.

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