Meadows Additional Protocols in Place:
~Events at the Meadows will to continue to run strictly behind closed doors with no spectators allowed to attend events.
~Covid track & trace lists will be generated from start lists of the people attending the event
~FACE MASKS ARE NOW RECOMMENDED at all Meadows events, the only time this rule is exempt is when athletes are mounted.
~ The 2m social distancing must be observed at all times.
~The Meadows would ask all members to please leave the venue as soon as you have finished competing.

– No prize givings will be done in the arena, prizes must be collected in the main office after results have been posted onto our website (

~ The Meadows has set a limit of one parent or guardian per child competing at an event.
~ Attendees are reminded to adhere to the travel restrictions that are in place and if you have returned from International Travel, you cannot compete or attend an event for a period of 14 days as per Government Guidelines.

~ To ensure that the additional measures are adhered to, a Compliance officer’s will be in place at the venue and we ask all attendees to cooperate.



ARENA 1: NOVICE 85CMS TEAMS  Start: 08.30
Jump No School Rider
1 Wallace High School Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore Scoobie
Abbie McMillen Bonnie
Lucy Crawford AC Drummer
2 Down High ~ Gold Sarah Carse
Sarah Carse Jimmy’s Clover
Abby Cummiskey Holly
Katie Robinson Last of the Mohicans
Emily Carse Coilltedubh Lochlan
3 Ballyclare High School
Rylee Boyd Tucker
Beckie Mcbride Star
Amelie Moore Shadow
Rylee Boyd Chloe
4 Lurgan College
Sarah Cowan Take Two
Kirsten Bailie Blue
Catherine Cowan Lady Remarque
Jessica Huff Charante
5 Ballyclare High School – Brann
Jack Morrow Rocket Lady
Ella Lindsay Kilcurry Gem
Ella Lindsay Rocket Lady
6 Kilkeel High School
Katie Niblock Star
Emma Gillespie Summer
Aimee Long Millie
Molly Magorrian Silver
7 Belfast Royal Academy
Bertie McCrea Robe Archie
Toby McCrea Woodrow Rosewood
Erin McCrea Robe Archie
Bertie McCrea Woodrow Rosewood
8 Rathfriland High School
Taylor McKnight Asterix
Rosie Herron Solitare Rusty Brown
Sarah Craig Rocky
Taylor McKnight Sparking Delta Dawn
9 Saint Catherine’s College, Armagh
Emer Magee Diamond Mountain
Connie Cullen Loobru’s Bobby Dazzler
Aoife Gribben Rio
10 Banbridge Academy Dunbar
Charlotte Betts Percy
Emma Stewart Beezies Minty
Harry Purdy Milan Belle
Charlotte Betts Stanley
Catherine McCelland Bronte Boy
Mia Dickson Rafa
Sophie Sloan Little Me
Jenna Morton Mountview Misty Morning
12 Banbridge Academy Crozier
Amber Bradley Monoclone Girl
Imogen Scott Flash Harry
Laura McClelland Bronte Boy
Rachel Sands Ten A Penny
13 Assumption Grammar
Megan Savage Star Surprise
Riona Savage KnochAsh Willis
Ruby Kinkaid Lismahon Houdini
Anna Morrow Rustums Jubilee
14 Newbridge college
Tara McHenry Newhaven minstral
Ellie Rose Martin Lily
Zara Calvert Evie
Kodey martin Stonewall lady
15 Holy trinity college cookstown
Rachel okane Prince charming
Savanna rose mcelhatton Isobel
Ruby Concannon Jessie
16 The Royal School Armagh
Lois Trimble Poppy
Darcy Fenhert WHO
Naomi Bennett Bobby
Jessica Lee Duffy
17 Limavady High School
Bo Anderson Allen Darrah’s Earls Lady
Lilly Craig Finbar Valley
Ellie Hudson Buddy the Cob
18 Carrickfergus Grammar School
Katelyn Irvine Duách Shadow
Ross Graham Brackhowney Bright Night
Ben Foster Sundown Bailey
Katelyn Irvine Connie
19 Down High ~ Green
Ellie Simpson Tigger
Joleen Truesdale Goose
Molly McCloy Paddy
Katie Robinson Ownie
20 Royal School Dungannon
Ellie Burke Cash
Emily Boyd Magic
Bethany Smith Goldengrove Silhouette
Erin Mathieson Goldengrove Royal Wedding
21 Fort Hill Integrated College
Jess Vaughan Glenview Enigma
Sienna Dalzell Diamond
Kodie Clarke Heolas Queen Anne
22 Farmhill Liverys
Emperors Dream India Abbi
Erin Mcclernon Sundance III
Rachael Foster Millparks Eoin
Karis Fenton Cashelbay Native
23 Enniskillen Royal Grammar School
Lucie-Anne Abbott Bobby
Tiana-Grace Abbott Bracken
Hannah Jones Belle
Arena 1: Open Teams 1m Start 12.30
Jump No School Rider 1
1 Banbridge Academy McWilliam
Ellie McElroy Loughdoo Maverick
Julia Herron Twentypark Emperess
Eve Fitzsimmons Godan Daginn Vik
Molly Davidson Bellindene Fagin
2 Banbridge Academy Waddell
Emma Irwin Holiday Cruising
Melissa McKinstry Simply Dun
Alistair Sands Hillside Alfie
3 Friends’ School
Sarah Kilpatrick Orrfield Royal Diamond
Anna Cardwell Cashmir Jumper
Beth Hayes Largymore Lass
Gracie Lamont Cuddoo Star
4 Down High Eagles
Zara Sharvin Ruby
Abby Cummiskey Jacob
Rachel Broome Cookies’n’ Creme
Tara Emmett Diamond Girl
5 Ballyclare High School
Felicity McConnell finding Nemo
Brodie Hogg Tyson
Katie Flanagan Son of Loki
Felicity McConnell Knockagarron Fear Bui Princess
6 Wallace High School
Kerry Magill The Ferryman
Connie Crothers Estella
Kerry Magill Orrfield Hip Hop
Victoria Lee DUFFY
Victoria Lee BUDDY
8 Down High Flyers
Katie Watson Lissyegan Bay News
Megan Nelson Fancy
Cara MacNabb Killone Leo
Conor Findlay Curry Granny Wise Guy Duke
Poppy Moore Button
Zara Smyth Killucan Boy
Emily Walker Take a Gamble
Rebbecca McKinstry Cornhill Rose
10 Royal School Dungannon
Erin Mathieson Freddie
EmmaJane Orr Moho Beach
Bethany Smith Dun Surprise
11 Assumption Grammar
Kelsie Dean Say No More
Sarah McPolin Magic Rhythm
Zara Burns Amigo
Emma Burns Tootsie
12 Down High Hawks
Cara MacNabb Bonecastle Lass
Annie Gibson Matt
Emily Steele Dougie
Alex Ogle Echo Falls Hilltop
13 Our Lady’s Grammar, Newry
Niamh Morgan Millbarr Phynix
Tynan Dominic Blue Anna Larkin
Jessica Mulgrew Knockagarron Emperor
Tbc Tbc
14 Enniskillen Royal Grammar School
Sophia Williams Mongorry Cruise Molly
Patrick Williams Coill Dearmad William
Sophia Williams Winnie
15 Campbell College Belfast
Adam Boith Melview Chester
Ralph Robinson Perkins
Roddy Pannell Barry
Edmund Pannell Ogi
16 Larne Grammar School
Anna Jackson Galco
Anna Jackson Woodchip
Grace Morton Lady Zara
Tyler Houston Muckno Magic
Arena 1: Open  Individual 1m Start 15.20
Jump No  Rider  Pony  School 
1 Katelyn Irvine D Carrickfergus Grammar
2 Ellie McCann Blue Stone Touch Integrated College Dungannon
3 Sarah Moore Ellie Wallace High School
4 Ellie McDowell Doonard Con Nendrum College
5 Charley calvert Emoe Bess Lisnagarvey high school
6 Emma Irwin Holiday Kruising Banbridge Academy
7 Sorcha Hanly My Seafield Romeo Loretto Convent
8 Gracie Bright Monroe Star Antrim Grammar
9 Heather Fulton Alois Limavady Grammar School
10 Megan Nelson Fancy Down High
11 Melissa McKinstry Simply Din Banbridge Academy
12 Sophia Williams Mongorry Cruise Molly Enniskillen Royal Grammar School
13 Zoe Daniel You Should Be So Lucky Markethill High School
14 Molly Davidson Bellindene Fagin Banbridge Academy
15 Abby Cumminskey Holly Down High
16 Tori Jewiss Red Bertie McCrea
17 Luca Moore Bugsy Ballyclare High School
18 Erin McCrea Knockgarron Fear Bui Pheenix Belfast Royal Academy
19 Rebecca Smyth Rooney Ballyclare High School
21 Kelsie Dean Say no more Assumption Grammar
22 Ralph Robinson Perkins Campbell College Belfast
23 Aoibha O’Neill Bechmount Champ St Connors College
24 Charlotte Keers Western Ocala Strathearn School
25 Hayden mccormick Mini magic Newry high school
26 Chloe Stewart Kilcurry Libero’s Flight Ballyclare Secondary School
27 Ref: Sandra Morton
28 Megan Carson Fair and Square SERC
29 Kodey martin Stonewall lady Newbridge college
30 Ref: Samantha O’Neill
31 Jessica Mark Calinvella Cullybackey College
32 Ellen McEvoy Twlight Dancer Aquinas
33 Naoimh Laverty Ballyknock Izzy Greenmount
34 Abbie McMillen Bonnie Wallace High School
35 Niamh Fitzpatrick Newmarket Trooper Methodist College
36 Hannah Bayfield Johnston’s Boy Saintfield High School
37 Émer magee Diamond Mountain St Catherine’s College Armagh
38 Millie Mulvenna Zulu Tandragee High School
39 Ella Lindsay Kilcurry Gem Ballyclare High School
Arena 1:Premier Individual 1.10m Start 17.10
Jump No  Rider  Pony  School 
1 Niamh Fitzpatrick Newmarket Trooper Methodist College
2 Kerry Magill The Ferryman Wallace High School
3 EmmaJane Orr Maho Beach Royal School Dungannon
4 Connie Crothers Estella Wallace High School
5 Bethany Smith Dun Surprise Royal School Dungannon
6 Ellen Douglas Rock Tempo Strathearn
7 Naoimh laverty Ballyknock Izzy Greenmount
8 Charley Love Rookie Diamond Castlederg High School
9 Emily steele Dougie Down high school
10 Charlotte Keers Western Ocala Strathearn School
11 Bradie Hogg Ty Ballyclare high school
12 Erin McCrea Knockgarron Fear Bui Pheenix Belfast Royal Academy
13 Lara Kelly Drumcaughey Diamond Down High School
14 Zoe Daniel You Should Be So Lucky Markethill High School
15 Tyler Houston Mukno Magic Larne Grammar School
16 Anna Larkin Tynan Dominic Blue Our Lady’s Grammar, Newry
17 Anna Jackson Woodchip Larne Grammar School
18 Rebekah mckinstry Cornhill rose Dromore high
19 Emily Steele Dougie Down High
20 Felicity McConnell Finding Nemo Ballyclare High School
21 Zara Sharvin Ruby Down High



Arena 2:  Individual 75cms 8am 
Jump No  Rider  Pony  School 
1 Beth Wishart Willow Markethill High School
3 Liam Mc Loughlin Sally St Paul’s High School Bessbrook
4 Áine Clancy JUmpingdale Teddy St Pius X College, Magherafelt
5 Kelsie Dean Aim to please Assumption Grammar
6 Julia Mulligan Bronheulog Ruby Devenish College, Enniskillen
7 Elle West Mexican Bob Victoria College Belfast
8 Ellen MacNabb Buddytwoshoes St Patricks Saul
9 Megan Cooney Princess Dusty St Ronan’s College
10 Lily Anderson Storm Royal School, Armagh
11 Zara Reid Miss Toastie Dromore High School
12 Naomi Bennett Bobby dazzler Royal school Armagh
13 Emily Black Bear Enniskillen Royal Grammar School
14 Dean Pike Derrymattery Fudge Aughnacloy College
15 Rianna Mulligan Strawberry Phoenix Enniskillen Royal Grammar School
16 Holly Savage Scarletts Multipla St. Joseph’s Primary Tyrella
17 Kai McAllister McKinley Joe Cullybackey College
18 Rebecca McAdam Bannview Spartacus Intergrated school Dungannon
19 Cara MacNabb Blackbird Down High School
20 Molly McConnell Tarzan Royal School Armagh
21 Rachael Broome November Kate Down High School
22 Katie McKee Rockshore Rebel Dromore High School
23 Molly gribbon Dunby ST patrick’s MAGHERA
24 Skye Dawson Martins Will Cullybackey College
25 Gracie bright Avalon Puissance Antrim Grammar
26 Corey Snowy Mcgahan
27 Danielle Todd Aimee Ballyclare Secondary School
28 Nicole Peoples Forest Flash Larne Grammar School
29 Lily Rose McGinn Lislaird Giggle St Marks High School
30 Hannah Robinson Poppy Larne High Secondary School
31 Alice Perkins Newline Golden Secret Victoria College
32 Ref: Cheryl Wallace
33 Finn Doherty Shadow Antrim Grammar School
34 Darcey Greer U No Me Glenola
35 Julia Mulligan Devonhayes Marble Devenish College, Enniskillen
36 Kiera James Al’s Rough Diamond Victoria College Belfast
37 Rosanna Beattie Playing to Win St Mary’s grammar school
38 Ellie Hudson Buddy the Cob Limavady High School
39 Emma Plunkett Scrabo Blaze Regent House
40 Grace Harney Polo Saint Catherine’s College, Armagh
41 Jessica Rogers Commander in Chief St Ronans College
42 Ellie-May Rogers Cappa Rose At Ronans College Lurgan
43 Eloise Keers Applejack Strathearn School
44 Lucas Bradley Party Boy Newbridge integrated college
45 Lily Craig Finbar Valley Limavady High School
46 Bo Anderson Allen Darrah’s Earls Lady Limavady high school
47 Darcy Robinson Lily Clounagh Junior High School
48 Sophia Madeley Alfie Ballydown Primary School
49 Gaby Kirk Niamh Royal School Dungannon
50 Jenna Harkness Donegreagh Kyri Cookstown High School
Arena 2: Novice Individual 85cms 10.20am
Jump No  Rider  Pony  School 
1 Blathnaid Doherty Carrabawn Cruise Holy Cross College, Strabane
2 Zoe Dickey Dance A Lot Ballymena Academy
3 Ref: Denise Salters
4 Ruby Kinkaid Lismahon Houdini Assumption Grammar
5 Rebecca Horner Paddy Rathmore Grammar School
6 Molly McConnell Tarzan Royal School Armagh
7 Summer Abbi Solo Star Ballyclare High School
8 Sienna Dalzell Diamond Forthill
9 Taylor McKnight Sparkling Delta Dawn Rathfriland High School
10 Olivia Nell Connor Alexandra College
11 Ref: Tina O’Connor
12 Samara Doherty No Charro Carrig The Royal School Armagh
13 Holly Carville Amigo St Colmcille’s HS Crossgar
14 Louise Brown Highburren Mist Strathern
15 Ellie McCann Liskeard Nancy Integrated College Dungannon
16 Beth Wishart Willow Markethill High School
17 Rianna Mulligan Strawberry Pheonix ERGS
18 Tara McHenry Newhaven Minstral New-Bridge Integrated College
19 Laura Loughlin Pippa
20 Erin McClernon Sundance III Ballyclare High School
21 Daniel O’Sullivan toner Big stuff St Malachy’s high school
22 Abby Cummiskey Holly Down High School
23 TBC TBC St Marys College
24 Katie Hall Flash Erne Integrated College
25 Laura Dunlop Beano Strathearn
26 Julia Mulligan Bronheulog Ruby Devenish College, Enniskillen
27 Ellie May Johnston Roscor Calypso Crème Omagh H S
28 Molly Quinn Benaughlin May Erne Integrated College
29 Katie Robinson Duncarbery Cascade Clounagh Junior High School
30 Ref: Denise Salters
31 Chloe Gillespie Leo Ballymena Academy
32 Jack Morrow Rocket Lady Ballyclare High School
33 riona savage knockash willis assumption grammer
34 Ella Lindsay Kilcurry Gem Ballyclare High School
35 Yasmin Gillespie Casper Cullybackey College
36 Nicole Peoples Boyo Larne Grammar School
37 Emma Mc Grath Marley Banbridge High School
38 Katie Niblock Star Kilkeel High School
39 Taylor McKnight Asterix Rathfriland High School
40 Jessica Byrne Buck Rogers Victoria College Belfast
41 Elly-Rose Dixon Sliabh Bán Rosie Glenlola Collegiate
42 Kai McAllister Drumany May Cullybackey College
43 Harry Purdy Malin Belle Banbridge Academy
44 Rosey Herron Solitaire Rusty Brown Rathfriland High School
45 Zara Smyth Killucan Boy Dromore High School
46 Mary Brady shantiks Boy Victoria College
47 Ref: Judith Clavert
48 Ellie McDowell Gucci Rush II Nendrum College
49 Cassie Huddleston Bailie Beau Regent House
50 Dean Pike Derrymattery Fudge Aughnacloy College
51 Aoife Mallon Bayview Lady Holy trinity college cookstown
52 Charlotte Betts Stanley Banbridge Academy
53 Megan McCambridge Drumaran Nigel Hunter House College
54 Holly Savage Scarletts Multipla St. Joseph’s Primary Tyrella
55 Catherine Cowan Lady Remarque Lurgan College
56 Charlotte Betts Percy Banbridge Academy
57 Rachel Boyes Pebbles Lisnagarvey High School
58 Katie Forbes Dunadeal Saintfield High school
59 Sarah Cowan Take Two Lurgan College
60 Amy Burke Killyquinn Robyn Integrated college dungannon
61 Julia Mulligan Devonhayes Marble Devenish College,Enniskillen
62 Ellie rose martin Lily Newbridge college
63 Emily Marshall Ballynagilly Popular Mount Lourdes Grammar Enniskillen
64 Molly McGinn Lizzie St Marks High School
65 Rachel Simons Eoghan Drumglass High School
66 Amber Bradley Monclone Girl Banbridge Academy
67 Katie smyth Rockmount Lillie Craigavon Senior high school
68 Lucy McDowell Outta Reach Ulidia Integrated College
69 Liam McEvoy Indie St Colmans
70 Hayden Mccormick Mini magic Newry high school
71 Corey Snowy Mcgahan
72 Ruby Concannon Jessie Holy trinity college cookstown
Arena 2: Primary 50cms  1.20pm
Jump No  Rider  Pony  School 
1 Ruby Mulvenna Star Gilford Primary School
2 Andrew Wishart Rocky Lisnadill Primary School
3 Tori Veitch Starlight Bluebell Maguiresbridge P.S
4 Sarah Pike Marcello Aughnacloy Primary School
5 Ellie Murphy Coolaney Breeze Meadowbridge PS
6 Poppy Smith Pebbels Regent House Prep
7 Henry McCarthy Casper Downshire Primary
8 Lauren O’Rourke Magic Merrylegs St. Michaels Primary Newtownhamilton
9 Henry Perkins Rockmount Cinders Friends Prep
10 Isla McKinty Sandy Fluff Templepatrick Primary School
11 Laoise Clancy Burnview Royal Elegance Gaelscoil an tSeanchai, Magherafelt
12 Annabelle Gill Bracken Annahilt P.S
13 Ruby Mulvenna Sparky Gilford Primary School
14 Summer No Mcgahan
15 Harley McKeag Dandy Sullivan Prep
16 Leah Symon Jonjo Ballyvester PS
17 lily Zwecker Cinderella Drumhillery ps
18 Bailey McMullan Dandy Sullivan Prep
19 Henry McCarthy Thunder Downshire Primary
20 Paige Erwin Ballyhill boy Loanends primary school
21 Elen Irwin Kimblewick Donaghey
Arena 2: Primary 60cms  2.20pm
Jump No  Rider  Pony  School 
1 lily zwecker Cinderella drumhillery ps
2 Sarah McKenzie Taz Bush Primary School
3 Annabelle Betts Daisy Tandragee PS
4 Abbie Harkness Little Miss Trouble Orritor Primary School
5 Tori Veitch Starlight Bluebell Maguiresbridge Primary School
6 Charlotte Nelson Charlie Black Spa primary
7 Hannah trimble Mighty meeko Carryduff primary
8 Lily Murphy Milford Spectacular Meadowbridge PS
9 Annabelle Gill Bracken Annahill P.S
10 Molly McGurgan Sparkles St Patricks PS Armagh
11 Fergus Lowry Loneash Daisy Drumadonnell PS
12 Isaac McCarthy Thunder Downshire Primary
13 Ref: Grace Sheridan
14 Una McClelland Blaze CBS Armagh
15 Fred Clarke Firefly
16 Annabelle Clarke Casper
17 Rachel Booth Peggy Strathearn prep
18 Annabelle Betts Daisy Tandragee PS
19 Freddie Castles Dryfe Elizabeth Arden Millington Primary School
20 Annie Morrow Made in Japan Thompson Primary School
21 Andrew Wishart Rocky Lisadill Primary School
22 Zara McConnell Rio Friends Prep
23 Siena moore Titch Ballyclare high school
24 Ted Geary Susie Downshire Primary
26 Alice steele Brook ale royal consort Carnacaville primary school
27 Ella Calvert Annesbury Party Boy Bronte Primary School
28 Elen Irwin Kimblewick Donaghey
29 Cayleigh Erwin Henry Loanends primary school
30 Jennifer Thursfield Scarlett’s Harry Stranmillis Primary
31 Lily Murphy Wait with Dynasty Meadowbridge PS
32 Isaac McCarthy Blaney’s Boy Downshire Primary
33 Frank McCusker Peaches Moira Primary School
34 Poppy McIlduff Ballyfore Luna Glencraig
35 Eva McConnell Smartie Armstrong ps
36 Henry McCarthy Casper Downshire Primary
37 Josephine Nell Sweetie Alexandra College
38 Ellie Murphy Coolaney Breeze Meadowbridge PS


Sarah Pike




Aughnacloy Primary School


Arena 2: Primary Teams   4.10pm
Jump No  School 
1 Mixed: Markethill PS, Armstrong PS & Howard PS
Annabelle Clarke Casper
Fred Clarke Firefly
Lucy Orr Jazzy Suzi
Jay Doherty TBC
2 Ballydown
3 Patchwork
Maria Pearson Sully
Sophia Madeley Alfie
Sarah Pike Marcello
Adam Kerr J’espere Etain
4 Iveagh Little Mixed
Tilley Tumilty LJ Sparky
Lily Murphy TBC
Jack Cowan Honey Bee
Tilley Tumilty Bambi
5 East Antrim Mix Ups
Annie Morrow Made in Japan
Eve Lindsay Tableybrook Henry
Cayleigh Erwin Henry
Eve Lindsay Made in Japan
6 The Mane 4
Pippa Moore Seapatrick Make A Move
Eva Phillips Martin Taras Lady
Frank McCusker Peaches
Freddie Castles Cornacrew Lady Lola
7 ‘The Rad Riders’
Annabelle Betts Daisy
Ted Geary Susie
Isaac MacCarthy Blaney’s Boy
Zara McConnell Rio
8 Dolly Mixtures.   Drumadonnell PS, Gilford PS, Bridge PS, Drumadonnell PS.
Fergus Lowry Loneash Daisy
Kara Cosgrave Crunchie
Tilley Tumilty Guiness
Olivia Stewart Shadow of a Star
Arena 2: Primary 70cms Individual  5.30pm
Jump No  Rider  Pony  School 
1 Kian McNally Where It Began Christian Brothers PS
2 Charlotte Nelson Charlie Black Spa primary
3 Abbie Harkness Little Miss Trouble Orritor Primary School
4 Hannah trimble Mighty meeko Carryduff primary
5 Ref: Elaine Gardener
6 Ref: Lisa Tumilty
7 Annabelle Clarke Firefly Markethill Primary School
8 Adam Kerr J’espere Etain Dromore Central Primary School
9 Shannon Curran Snoopy St Jarlaths Blackwatertown
10 Eva McConnell Smartie Armstrong ps
11 Lucy Orr Jazzy Susie Howard Primary school
12 Jay Doherty Shanvalley Lily The Armstrong Primary School
13 Ref: Grace Sheridan
15 Ellen MacNabb Sid St Patricks Saul
16 Kara Cosgrave Crunchie Gilford PS
17 Eve Lindsay Tableybrook Henry Ballynure Primary School
18 Jennifer Thursfield Scarlett’s Harry Stranmillis Primary
19 Amelia Bannon Judy Our Lady of Lourdes Park Lodge
20 Molly McGurgan Sparkles St Patricks PS Armagh
21 Una McClelland Blaze CBS Armagh
22 Ben Plunkett Flash Harry Castle gardens primary school
23 Sarah McKenzie Taz Bush Primary School
24 Kian McNally Made Of Candy Christian Brothers PS
25 Jack Cowan Honey Bee King’s Park
26 Jay Doherty Cherry Orchard Rico The Armstrong Primary School
27 Ref: Ruth Pearson
28 Scott Mcknight Bambu Bronte primary school
29 Ref: Lisa Tumilty
30 Tori Lilly Highbent Chardonnay Irvinestown Primary School
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