Meadows Additional Protocols in Place:
~Events at the Meadows will to continue to run strictly behind closed doors with no spectators allowed to attend events.
~Covid track & trace lists will be generated from start lists of the people attending the event
~FACE MASKS ARE NOW RECOMMENDED at all Meadows events, the only time this rule is exempt is when athletes are mounted.
~ The 2m social distancing must be observed at all times.
~The Meadows would ask all members to please leave the venue as soon as you have finished competing.
~ The Meadows has set a limit of one parent or guardian per child competing at an event.
~ Attendees are reminded to adhere to the travel restrictions that are in place and if you have returned from International Travel, you cannot compete or attend an event for a period of 14 days as per Government Guidelines.
~ To ensure that the additional measures are adhered to, a Compliance officer’s will be in place at the venue and we ask all attendees to cooperate.
ARENA 1: 50cms  Start Time: 9.30am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Taylor-Lee Doyle Jack-A-Roo
2 Lauren O’Rourke Magic Merrylegs
3 Ronan hynds Nikki
4 Joss Willis Sam
5 Amber Hopkins Pebbles
6 Harriett Hogan Tollymore Tilly
ARENA 1: 60cms  Start Time: 9.55am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Sarah Pike Marcello
2 Iona McKay Ruby
3 Amber Hopkins Pebbles
4 Faith Black Star Choice
5 Rhys hynds Misty
6 Jayne Robinson Colourado Kid
ARENA 1: 70cms  Start Time: 10.20am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Hazel Trimble Ally
2 Jayne Robinson Colourado Kid
3 Aoibheann Cassidy Kadie
4 Ellie hynds Willow
5 Chloe Flynn Calypso Beauty
6 nicole peoples Boyo
7 Audrey leahy Boo
8 Faith Black Star Choice
9 Helen Rice Everlast Lad
10 Sarah Mc Aree Rosie
ARENA 1: 80cms  Start Time: 11am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Helen Rice Everlast Lad
2 Sarah Mc Aree Rosie
3 Claire Lancashire Maverick
4 Katie Clarke Sue
5 nicole peoples Boyo
6 Anne killen Alf
7 Alex Phillips Skye
8 Beth Phillips Flash
9 Joanne Wilkinson Casper
10 Ruairi Holmes Paquito V
11 Adrian Cherry Sophie
12 nicole peoples Forest Flash
13 Megan Nero
14 Dean Pike Derrymattery Fudge
ARENA 1: 90cms  Start Time: 11.45am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Adrian Cherry Sophie
2 Ruairi Holmes Paquito V
3 Gareth Quinn Lady in Red
4 Katelyn Thomas Silver
5 Rachel Hall Evie
6 Hazel Trimble Rosie
7 Rhianna McKibbin Jackson
8 Cara Cunningham Penny
9 Carrie Townsend Carrickbracken Delfunk
10 Holly Amigo
11 Hannah Mullan Jerry
12 Anna Kelsey Savannah
13 Molly McGinn Shadow Recruit
14 Louise Early Pilgrim
15 Katie Clarke Sue
16 Charlene Little Sapphire
17 Kyle Irvine Shelby
18 Niamh McFall Syd
19 Sian Devon Kensington Einstein
20 Jessica Paton Crackenthorpe Tipico
ARENA 1: 1m  Start Time: 12.45pm
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Caitlin Foster Robbie
2 Jordan campbell Pablo C
3 Alana Robb Lucy
4 Alex mcmaster Bob
5 Mary McAleer Highland Ruth
6 Hollie Woods Caprio
7 Siân Devon Kensington Einstein
8 Rhianna Thompson Royal Ricardo
9 Annie Finnegan A Tad More Heart
10 Gareth Quinn Kilmore Diamond Lass
11 Louise Early Pilgrim
12 Lisa O’Donnell Leo
13 Charlene Little Sapphire
14 Jordan Campbell Rojo C
15 Julie Donaghy Simpson He’s The Lad
16 Alex mcmaster Fleur
ARENA 1: 1.10m  Start Time: 1.30pm
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Julie Donaghy Simpson He’s The Lad
2 Hollie Woods Caprio
3 Lisa O’Donnell Leo
4 Dean cotton Fizz
5 Anneka knox Patch Mills Sportsman
6 Sarah sproule Rainbow
7 Alex Cleland Rafa Smash
8 Alex mcmaster King
9 Niamh McFall Bob
ARENA 1: 1.20m  Start Time: 2pm 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Alex Cleland Rafa Smash
2 Sarah sproule Rainbow
3 Hannah Blakely Clerkson
4 Jordan Campbell Kandidate C
5 Dean cotton Fizz
6 Katy connor Leo
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