Meadows Additional Protocols in Place:
~Events at the Meadows will to continue to run strictly behind closed doors with no spectators allowed to attend events.
~Covid track & trace lists will be generated from start lists of the people attending the event
~FACE MASKS ARE NOW RECOMMENDED at all Meadows events, the only time this rule is exempt is when athletes are mounted.
~ The 2m social distancing must be observed at all times.
~The Meadows would ask all members to please leave the venue as soon as you have finished competing.
~ The Meadows has set a limit of one parent or guardian per child competing at an event.
~ Attendees are reminded to adhere to the travel restrictions that are in place and if you have returned from International Travel, you cannot compete or attend an event for a period of 14 days as per Government Guidelines.
~ To ensure that the additional measures are adhered to, a Compliance officer’s will be in place at the venue and we ask all attendees to cooperate.
ARENA 2: 50cms  Start Time: 9am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Lauren o’rourke Magic Merrylegs
2 Taylor-Lee Doyle Jack-A-Roo
3 Iona McKay Ruby
4 Brianna McGuigan Clover
ARENA 2: 60cms  Start Time: 9.20am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Iona McKay Ruby
2 Brianna McGuigan Clover
3 Laura Stanfield Starlight
4 Kathryn Morton JJ
5 Megan O’Neill Lizzy
6 Molly shortt Queenie
7 Gaby Kirk Niamh
8 Katie Smyth Troy
9 Faith Black Star Choice
10 Ellie O Hagan Sky
11 Tamar Smith Tângo
12 Abi Gardner Buster
13 Sarah Pike Marcello
ARENA 2: 70cms  Start Time: 10.10am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Abi Gardner Buster
2 Sarah Pike Marcello
3 Jennifer GIlchrist Mountcaufield Sadie Rose
4 Holly Wray Carter
5 Elizabeth Millar Belle
6 Jenna Harkness Donegreagh Kyri
7 Gaby Kirk Niamh
8 Katie McLeigh Ellie
9 Rebecca Boer Daisy
10 Kathryn morton Digger
11 Laura Stanfield Starlight
12 Hannah McKinstry Dawn
13 Chloe Thompson Battle’s Gent
14 nicole peoples Boyo
15 Faith Black Star Choice
16 Jayne Robinson Colourado Kid
17 Rebecca Boer Queenie
18 Emma Lewis Razzle
19 Megan O’Neill Lizzy
20 Audrey Leahy Backtown Star II
21 Charlotte Harding Hugo
22 Tamar Smith Tângo
23 Helen Rice Everlast Lad
24 Sarah Gilchrist Hazeldene Mighty Max
25 Claire Robinson Magic
26 Rebecca Boer Barney
27 Meaghann Crawford Reeba
28 Ellie O Hagan Sky
ARENA 2: 80cms  Start Time: 11.30am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Elizabeth Smith Rocky
2 Elizabeth Millar Belle
3 Katie Parker Little Joe II
4 Johnny Mulligan Ralph
5 Elizabeth Millar Ben
6 Amy Burke Robyn
7 Iga Januszek Cotton Grove
8 Claire Lancashire Maverick
9 nicole peoples Boyo
10 SHANE MULLIGAN Superior Rebel
11 Ruairi Holmes Paquito V
12 Holly Wray Harry
13 Ruth English Merlin
14 Kathryn Morton Charlie Black
15 megan carville Joni
16 Lucinda Mills Billy the Kid
17 Niamh Allen-Collins Lougherne Postman Pat
18 Rachel Baird Sarah
19 victoria boville wally
20 Sinead Adair Mary
21 Elizabeth Millar Marshall
22 Jennifer Gilchrist Mountcaufield Sadie Rose
23 Kirsten Bailie Blue
24 Jackie Conn Khaleesi
25 Johnny Muligan Abby
26 Andrew Philips
27 Sarah McCarthy Lady hill Cool Imp
28 Leah chambers Cummer park silver boy
29 Rebecca McAdam Bannview Spartacus
30 Joanne Wilkinson Casper
31 Tamar Smith Tângo
32 Rhiannon Ferguson EVIE
33 Charlotte Harding Kaamen
34 Helen Rice Everlast Lad
35 Brian firth Socks
36 Jessica Kelly Casper
37 nicole peoples Forest Flash
38 Sarah Gilchrist Hazeldene Mighty Max
39 Andrew Philips
40 Nicole Beattie Maverick
41 Aileen Flynn Charlemagne R
42 Dean Pike Derrymattery Fudge
ARENA 2: 90cms  Start Time: 1.30pm 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Nicole Beattie Maverick
2 Aileen Flynn Charlemagne R
3 Dean Pike Derrymattery Fudge
4 Anna McErlean RJ
5 Holly Carville Amigo
6 Jessica Kelly Casper
7 Daryl  Somerville Corey
8 Will Glendinning Rio
9 Charlotte Harding Red Cloud
10 Elizabeth Millar Marshall
11 Michael Roche Rocky Blue
12 Jonny mulligan Arca
13 Leah chambers Cummer park silver boy
14 Sarah McCarthy Lady hill Cool Imp
15 Giuseppe Cannito Cotton Grove
16 Jackie Conn Khaleesi
17 Karen Greer HOPE
18 Jessica Paton Crackenthorpe Tipico
19 Rachel Baird Ruby
20 Craig Hills Lougherne Jig Step
21 Niamh Allen-Collins Lougherne Postman Pat
22 Courtney Sloan Kali
23 Selina Blair Bella
24 megan carville Joni
25 Ruth English Eagle
26 James Flaherty Willow
27 Peter Smyth Paddy
28 Jenny McLeigh Kerry
30 Ruairi Holmes Paquito V
31 Louise Early Pilgrim
32 Giuseppe Cannito Ash Grove
33 Jackie Conn Norman
34 Ellie Burke Cash
35 Sarah  McPolin Magnum
36 Cara Mae O’Connor Bandit
37 Charlotte Harding Lark
38 Elizabeth Millar Ben
39 Jonathan Creswell Baby
40 Jonny Mulligan Dilly
41 Katie Parker Little Joe II
42 Holly Wray Glyder
ARENA 2: 1 Metre Start Time: 3.30pm 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Dairine O’Connor Lancelot
2 Richard McIvor Jamboree
3 Giuseppe Cannito Ash Grove
4 Louise Early Pilgrim
5 Lara Kelly Drumcaughey Diamond
7 Harriet pele Flo
8 Bernadette curry Teo’s Chance
9 Hugo Mcalpine Zeus
10 Garvan Duffy Kaliber
11 Lucinda Mills Indi
12 Hannah Blakely Lougherne Bellisima
13 Michael Roche Rocky Blue
14 Che flanagan Joey
15 Rachel Baird Ruby
16 Caitriona Patterson Cliff
17 Karen Greer HOPE
18 Chloe Thompson Beechburn Lass
19 Jackie Conn Norman
20 Anneka Knox Patch Mills Sportsman
21 Lesley Coey Alfie
22 Jonny mulligan Arac
23 Chloe Crozier Simba
24 Craig Hills Lougherne Caledonia
25 Anna Kelsey Savannah
26 Will Glendinning RIO
27 Erin Mathieson Freddie
28 Zara McAleese Ronan Iv
29 Hannah Blakely Lougherne Contessa
30 Chloe Lister-Tinsley Bonnie
31 Emma Wallace Elamo Little Diamond
ARENA 2: 1.10m Start Time: 5pm 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Jonny Mulligan Duncan
2 Richard McIvor Jamboree
3 Che flanagan Joey
4 Emma Wallace Elamo Little Diamond
5 Johnny Mulligan Diamond Queen
ARENA 2: 1.20m Start Time: 5.30pm 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Alex cleland Wolff
2 Che flanagan Gigi
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