Meadows Additional Protocols in Place:
~Events at the Meadows will to continue to run strictly behind closed doors with no spectators allowed to attend events.
~Covid track & trace lists will be generated from start lists of the people attending the event
~FACE MASKS ARE NOW RECOMMENDED at all Meadows events, the only time this rule is exempt is when athletes are mounted.
~ The 2m social distancing must be observed at all times.
~The Meadows would ask all members to please leave the venue as soon as you have finished competing.
~ The Meadows has set a limit of one parent or guardian per child competing at an event.
~ Attendees are reminded to adhere to the travel restrictions that are in place and if you have returned from International Travel, you cannot compete or attend an event for a period of 14 days as per Government Guidelines.
~ To ensure that the additional measures are adhered to, a Compliance officer’s will be in place at the venue and we ask all attendees to cooperate.
ARENA 1: 50cms  Start Time: 9am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Taylor-Lee Doyle Jack-A-Roo
2 Lauren O’Rourke Magic Merrylegs
3 Chloe Cathcart Minnie mouse
4 Caitlin Timoney Stella Bug
5 Harriett Hogan Tollymore Tilly
6 Iona McKay Ruby
ARENA 1: 60cms  Start Time: 9.30am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Harriett Hogan Tollymore Tilly
2 Iona McKay Ruby
3 Jayne Robinson Colourado Kid
4 Sophie Cathcart Sandy
5 Sarah Pike Marcello
6 Ebony ritchie Astro
7 Faith black Star Choice
8 Carla Mullan Shadow
ARENA 1: 70cms  Start Time: 10am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Faith Black Star Choice
2 Kathryn Morton Digger
3 Carla Mullan Shadow
4 Jayne Robinson Colourado Kid
5 nicole peoples Boyo
6 Dean Pike Derrymattery Fudge
7 Chloe Flynn Calypso Beauty
8 Audrey leahy Backtown star 2
9 Kathryn Morton JJ
10 Jenna Harkness Donegreagh Kyri
11 Conor Kennedy Willow Wisp
ARENA 1: 80cms  Start Time: 10.35am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Grace harney Polo
2 ashley kelly jimmy
3 Chloe Rooney Lily
4 Charlotte Betts Percy
5 Elizabeth Smith Rocky
6 Rachel Simons Eoghan
7 Emma Myles Tonto
8 Oonagh Mac Oscar Russell
9 Jackie Conn Khaleesi
10 nicole peoples Boyo
11 Mandy Blakely Kizzy
12 Claire Smyth Tilly
13 Conor Kennedy Willow Wisp
14 Claire Lancashire Maverick
15 Ellen English Merlin
16 Eve Lindsay Henry
17 Heather johnston Star
18 Joanne Wilkinson Casper
19 Chloe Flynn Calypso Beauty
20 Amy  Burke Robyn
21 Brian firth Socks
22 Anne Killen Alf
23 Hannah Blakely Ollie
24 Rhianna Mckibbin Jackson
25 Gillian Graham Gorsehill Charmer
26 Zara Smyth Sandi
27 Rhiannon Ferguson Evie
28 Katie Clarke Sue
29 Jackie Loughran Flinstone Fred
30 nicole peoples Forest flash
31 Kirsten Bailie Blue
32 Suzi McClean Butter
ARENA 1: 90cms  Start Time: 12 Noon
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Kirsty bates Belle
2 Holly Carville Amigo
3 Katie Clarke Sue
4 Charlie Black Oscar Rua
5 Jackie Conn Norman
6 Chloe rooney Aria
7 Craig Hills Juno
8 Alex OHare Greylands Dimound Girl
9 Daryl  Somerville Corey
10 Johnny mulligan Abby
11 Ruth English Eagle
12 Ellie Burke Cash
13 Kris Floyd Gorsehill Charmer
14 Rhianna Mckibbin Jackson
15 Jackie Conn Khaleesi
16 Kate McLaughlin Bocade
17 Mya Mc Dowell That’s amore
18 Molly McGinn Shadow Recruit
19 Deborah Allen Pippa
20 Niamh Allen-Collins Lougherne postman Pat
21 Chloe rooney Nora
22 Rachel chapman Poppy
23 Niamh McFall Syd
24 Sophie Cathcart Maggie
25 Courtney Sloan Kali
26 Jonny Mulligan Val
27 Eirin Corbett Chico
28 Mya mc dowell Imps girl
29 Cara Mae O’Connor Bandit
ARENA 1: 1m  Start Time: 1.20pm
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Cara Mae O’Connor Bandit
2 Kirsty bates Belle
3 Niamh McFall Syd
4 Chloe rooney Aria
5 Denis O’Brien Jeffrey
6 Chloe rooney Aria
7 Lucy Gibson Louis
8 Catherine Jamison Harry
9 Jonny Mulligan Tommy
10 Luke Campbell Nancy
11 Ellie mc Cann Bluestone Touch
12 Catherine Jamison Jessie
13 Heather Champion Basil
14 Jordan campbell Rojo C
15 Nicola McDermott Barattraction
16 Jackie Conn Norman
17 Freya Kennedy Kirktown Bob’s Song MIH
18 Craig Hills Lougherne Jig Step
19 Julie Donaghy Simpson He’s the Lad
20 Anna Kelsey Savannah
21 Chloe Lister-Tinsley Bonnie
22 Alex OHare Greylands Dimound girl
23 Caitlin Brown Monkey Business
24 Gillian Neill Lily
25 Jordan Campbell Pablo C
26 Catherine Jamison DD
27 Johnny Mulligan Ciderman
ARENA 1: 1.10m  Start Time: 2.30pm
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Ellie mc Cann Bluestone Touch
2 Luke Campbell Finn
3 Niamh McFall Bob
4 Jonny Mulligan Duncan
5 Nicola McDermott Barattraction
6 Jonathan Mulligan Banksy
7 Hannah blakely Lougherne contessa
8 Freya Kennedy Kirktown Bob’s Song MIH
9 Terry Smith Buddy Holly
10 Craig Hills Lougherne Caledonia
11 Heather Champion Basil
12 Gillian Neill Lily
13 Luke Campbell Brooklyn
14 Freya Kennedy Carrickview Diamond Gayle
15 Hannah Blakely Lougherne Bellissima
16 Julie Donaghy Simpson He’s the Lad
17 Lucia mcnamee Sj nice guy
18 Garvan Duffy Kaliber
19 Jonny Mulligan Tommy
20 Luke Campbell Burello
ARENA 1: 1.20m  Start Time: 3.20pm
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Dylan Ward Tonto
2 Luke Campbell Finn
3 Amber Walsh Cassio
4 Luke Campbell Coco
5 Tracey Gallagher Ellie May
6 Luke campbell Dazzle
7 Hannah Blakely Clerkson
8 Luke Campbell Dana
9 Dylan Ward Donny
10 Luke Campbell Coco 130
11 Luke Campbell Dana
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