Meadows Additional Protocols in Place:
~Events at the Meadows will to continue to run strictly behind closed doors with no spectators allowed to attend events.
~Covid track & trace lists will be generated from start lists of the people attending the event
~FACE MASKS ARE NOW COMPULSORY at all Meadows events, the only time this rule is exempt is when athletes are mounted.
~ The 2m social distancing must be observed at all times.
~The Meadows would ask all members to please leave the venue as soon as you have finished competing.
~ The Meadows has set a limit of one parent or guardian per child competing at an event.
~ Attendees are reminded to adhere to the travel restrictions that are in place and if you have returned from International Travel, you cannot compete or attend an event for a period of 14 days as per Government Guidelines.
~ To ensure that the additional measures are adhered to, a Compliance officer’s will be in place at the venue and we ask all attendees to cooperate.
ARENA 1: 50cms  Start Time: 9.00am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Anna Poots Tinkerbelle
2 Ronan hynds Nikki
3 Iona McKay Ruby
4 Louise Ben
5 Darcy Napier Roxy
6 Sarah-Jane Sloane Buddy
7 Ebony ritchie Sienna
8 Rhona Kelly Maebh
ARENA 1: 60cms  Start Time: 9.30am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Iona McKay Ruby
2 Madison Warnock Alfie
3 Louise Ben
4 Sophie turtle Mary doll
5 Suzie Craig Ruby
6 Millie Mulvenna Star
7 Rachael Brown Bluebell
8 Georgia Storey Chutney
9 Hannah trimble Mighty meeko
10 Ebony ritchie Astro
11 Zara Reid Miss Toastie
12 Rebecca Jane Woods Billy the Kid
13 Gaby Kirk Niamh
15 Jayne Robinson Colourado
16 Róise Digney Gemini
17 Evie McMullan Ronnie
18 Ruby Millar Sir Bob
19 Kristina Fryers Shadow of a Champion
ARENA 1: 70cms  Start Time: 10.30am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Gaby Kirk Niamh
2 Jayne Robinson Colourado
3 Ruby Millar Sir Bob
4 Helen Parks Junior
5 Jennifer Thursfield Scarlett’s Harry
6 Janine Austin Little Black Beauty
7 Molly Magorrian Silver
8 Madison Warnock Alfie
9 Jessica Finlay George
10 Rhys hynds Willow
11 Zara Reid Miss Toastie
12 Megan McCambridge Nigel
13 Ellis Platt-Lea Knock Eyon
14 Ebony ritchie Astro
15 Elizabeth Smith Rocky
16 Suzie Craig Ruby
17 Zara Mcaleese Penny
18 Adelle miskimmons Izzy
19 Zara McConnell Rio
20 Daniel Pearson Dandy
21 Charlotte Nelson Reggie
22 Hannah trimble Mighty meeko
23 Audrey leahy Backtown star 2
24 Craig Carson Tyson
ARENA 1: 80cms  Start Time: 11.30am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Amy McCarroll Rafa
2 Brian firth Socks
3 Jennifer Thursfield Scarlett’s Harry
4 Ella Boyle Iroko
5 Elle West Mexican Bob
6 Daniel Pearson Dandy
7 Ellie-may Rogers Cappa Rose
8 Ebony ritchie Astro
9 Sharon Madine Miguel Angel
10 Emma Lewis Razzle
12 Claire Ireland Technicolour Dream
13 Carmel conroy Lady pea
14 REBECCA horner Paddy
15 Katie Niblock Star
16 Sinead Adair Mary
17 Janice Ireland Technicolour Dream
18 Ellie hynds Willow
19 Kathryn Skelton Feebee
22 Megan Cooney Princess Dusty
24 Jessica Rogers Commander in chief
25 Calum Pearson Aurora
26 Helen Sawey Rachra Supreme
27 Ella Boyle Jessy
28 Molly Magorrian Silver
29 Jessica Finlay George
ARENA 1: 90cms  Start Time: 12.45pm 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Toby Fynn Enrosewood Diamond Girl
2 Rory Kinnear Lady
3 Ros Murphy Maloney
4 Sharon Madine Miguel Angel
5 Jenna MORTON Misty
6 Jess Vaughan Cody
7 Amy Burke Robyn
8 Amy McCarroll Rafa
9 Megan Mallon Calypso
10 Daryl  Somerville Greg
11 Luke Devlin Bonnie
12 Sarah McCarthy Ladyhill Cool Imp
13 Emily Boyd Magic
14 Will Glendinning Rio
15 Emma Irwin Katie
16 Lucie-Anne Abbott Bobby
17 Tiana-Grace Abbott Echo
18 Sian Devon Kensington Einstein
19 Lauren Madine Moonshine Melody
20 Katie Niblock Star
21 Charlene Clingan Curran Goose
22 Kathryn Skelton Sapphire
23 Sienna Diamond
24 Louise Dillon Drummiller Zandro
25 Daryl  Somerville Corey
26 Ellie Burke Cash
27 Sarah Kilpatrick Snooki
28 Berni Muirhead Hanslough
29 Lucy Crawford AC Drummer
30 Rachel Brown Lara
31 Erin Mathieson Colin
32 Tara Dixon Tango
ARENA 1: 1m  Start Time: 2.15pm 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Toby Fynn Enrosewood Diamond Girl
2 Tara Dixon Tango
3 James Murphy Maloney
4 Jenna Morton Misty
5 Mary Ellen Rice Fantasy
6 Millie Mulvenna Zulu
7 Megan Nelson Fancy
8 Natasha Kerr Bonnie
9 Steven Green Run this town
10 Alex OHare Greylands Diamond Girl
11 Ellen Ward Alfie
12 Wendy Rowland Drummiller Panache
13 Gillian Neill Lily
14 Lauren Madine Moonshine Melody
15 Rory Kinnear Lady
16 Charlie Black Oscar Rua
17 Sarah McCarthy Ladyhill Cool Imp
18 Lucie-Anne Abbott Bobby
19 Sian Devon Kensington Einstein
20 Thomas Doonan Rye lands puzzle
21 Luke Devlin Hummer
22 Ryan Truesdale Lowhill Ticktock
23 Jessica Nelson Tai
24 Calum Pearson Frishow
25 Berni Muirhead Hanslough
26 Olivia Marshall Claudio
27 Richard McIvor Jamboree
28 James Murphy Noah
29 Alex cleland Rafa smash
ARENA 1: 1.10m  Start Time: 3.30pm 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Tara Dixon Fred
2 Harrison blair Zara
3 Rachel Brown Birdy
4 Richard McIvor Jamboree
5 Mary Ellen Rice Fiction
6 Calum Pearson Frishow
7 Thomas Doonan Rye lands puzzle
8 Sarah Sproule Rainbow
9 Harrison Blair Prince
10 Gillian Neill Lily
ARENA 1: 1.20m  Start Time: 4.00pm 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Matthew Devlin Kosmo
2 Harrison Blair Prince
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