Meadows Additional Protocols in Place:
~Events at the Meadows will to continue to run strictly behind closed doors with no spectators allowed to attend events.
~Covid track & trace lists will be generated from start lists of the people attending the event
~FACE MASKS ARE NOW RECOMMENDED at all Meadows events, the only time this rule is exempt is when athletes are mounted.
~ The 2m social distancing must be observed at all times.
~The Meadows would ask all members to please leave the venue as soon as you have finished competing.
~ The Meadows has set a limit of one parent or guardian per child competing at an event.
~ Attendees are reminded to adhere to the travel restrictions that are in place and if you have returned from International Travel, you cannot compete or attend an event for a period of 14 days as per Government Guidelines.
~ To ensure that the additional measures are adhered to, a Compliance officer’s will be in place at the venue and we ask all attendees to cooperate.
ARENA 2: 50cms  Start Time: 9.00am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Ruby Mulvenna Sparky
2 Caitie Mcevoy coco bernagh
3 Frank McCusker Lady
4 Iona McKay Ruby
ARENA 2: 60cms  Start Time: 9.25am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Nichola Howarth Cruz
2 Gaby Kirk Niamh
3 Zoe connolly Balboa
4 Harriett Hogan Tollymore Tilly
5 Iona McKay Ruby
ARENA 2: 70cms  Start Time: 9.50am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Helen parks Junior
2 Kathryn morton Dora
3 Nichola Howarth Cruz
4 Emma Stewart Pello
5 Nicky Corr Gem
6 cliodhna McEvoy princess
7 Olivia Stewart Phoenix
8 Craig carson Sora
9 Gaby Kirk Niamh
10 Serena Brown Boom
11 Maria Pearson Sully
12 Rebecca Jane Woods Billy the Kid
13 Nicky Corr Boodles
14 cliodhna McEvoy romeo
15 Sara Mcmordie Margaret
16 Adelle Miskimmons Izzy
17 Serena Brown Joey
18 Vicki Henry Potter Jem
19 Nicky Corr Blue
21 Rebecca McAdam Bannview Spartacus
ARENA 2: 80cms  Start Time: 11.00am 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Patrick Garvey Ally
2 Molly McCloy Paddy
3 cliodhna McEvoy princess
4 Victoria Surgeoner Harry
5 Maria Pearson Sully
6 Serena Brown Joey
7 Lauren McBeth Perfect Promise
8 Victoria Thompson The Derrylough Bay Bandit
9 Katie Hutchinson Sonny Side Up
10 Shauna-lee mc cann Fred
11 Shannon Curran Snoopy
12 Jackie Loughran Flinstone Fred
13 Carmel Conroy Miss Pinot
14 Amelia wheeler Paddington
15 Nicky Corr Lavender
16 Serena Brown Boom
17 cliodhna McEvoy romeo
19 Kirsten Bailie Blue
20 Jordan Ritchie-Smith Tic Tac
21 David Gibson Charlie
22 Molly Magorrian Silver
23 Amy Burke Killyquinn Robyn
24 Charlotte Harding Jack
25 Emma Quigley Perfect Promise
26 Rebecca Casey Aughnamadoo Jack In The Box
ARENA 2: 90cms  Start Time: 12.15pm 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Jonathan Smyth Bosco
2 Kathryn morton Night Fury
3 Paddy Garvey Boris
4 Nikki Cullen Gemstone Ruby
5 Aisling Monaghan Flora
6 Kirsten Bailie Blue
7 Sophie Sloan Little Me
8 Sophie Tyner Tex
9 Joleen Truesdale Goose
10 Charlotte Harding Lark
11 Molly Magorrian Silver
12 Rosalind Moorhead Seapatrick Beachball
13 Jonathan Smyth Patrick
14 Charlotte Harding Kenny
15 Courtney Sloan Zena
16 Will Glendinning Rio
17 Sammy Weston Tullys Cherry
18 Emma Brown Tullys Tina
19 Charlene Clingan Curran Goose
20 Jess Vaughan Cody
21 Lucy Crawford AC Drummer
22 Sharon madine Miguel
23 Jon Champion Orbie
24 Paddy Garvey Molly
25 Heather Champion Basil
26 Sienna Diamond
28 Jonathan Smyth Balou
ARENA 1: 1m  Start Time: 12.50pm 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Bernadette curry Teo’s Chance
2 Lucy Morton Armani
3 Jonathan Smyth Balou
4 Jayne moore Layla
5 Chloe Crozier Simba
6 Millie Mulvenna Zulu
7 emma mooney kelvin lady
8 Rachael Broome Cookie
9 Tracey Gallagher Ayesha
10 Morgan Hirst Greco
11 Tori showkum CeCe
12 Lynn Spence Will
13 Jonathan Smyth Springball
14 Lauren Madine Moonshine melody
15 Nicky Corr Milo
16 Adam Gibson Catwalk II
17 Emma Forbes Coco
18 Bradie Hogg Mavrick
19 Annie Gibson Arca
20 Ralph Robinson Powder Day
21 Will Glendinning Rio
22 Anneka Knox Patch Mills Sportsman
23 Erin Mathieson Colin
24 Nikki Cullen Coevers Danske Lass
25 Sammy Weston Daffy
26 Jonathan Smyth Rio
27 Sharon madine Miguel
28 Alex OHare Greylands Diamond Girl
29 Emily Walker Gamble
30 Sophie Dunlop Edenmore Apache
31 Charlie Black Oscar Rua
ARENA 2: 1.10m  Start Time: 1.30pm 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Nikki Cullen Coevers Danske Lass
2 Lucy Morton Armani
3 Jayne moore Layla
4 Olivia Marshall Claudio
5 Tori showkum  Cleo
6 Tara Dixon Fred
7 Jonathan Smyth Fitz
8 Nicky Corr Fred
9 Emma Forbes Holly
10 Lucy Morton Majeika
11 Bradie Hogg Mavrick
12 Anita Doherty Sam
13 Ralph Robinson Powder Day
14 Anneka Knox Patch Mills Sportsman
ARENA 2: 1.20m  Start Time: 2.15pm 
Jump No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Dylan Ward Zara
2 Lucy Morton Majeika
3 Tara Dixon Fred
4 Jonathan Smyth Fitz
5 Emma Forbes Holly
6 Olivia Marshall Claudio
7 Kodie Clarke Zeeva
8 Ben cousins Broughshane boy
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