Please note: Classes may commence 30 minutes before the estimated time detailed for each class.

Meadows Equestian Centre 
Unregistered  Horse and Pony Showjumping 
30th May 2021
Class 1: 50cms  9.00am
No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Ava McElroy Pop It
2 Ella Rose Sands Teddy
3 Ruby Mulvenna Sparky
4 Lydia Marie close Snowy
Class 2: 60cms  9.20am
No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Amelia wheeler Creevelea midnight gambler
2 Aisling Crilly Ballagan Bouncer
Class 3: 70cms  9.45am
No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Erin Talbot Balou
2 Cormac McElroy Ginger
3 Jessica boyd Pop
4 Una McClelland Blaze
5 Megan Carville Mo
6 Sophie Boyce Finn Brasher
7 Calum Pearson Aurora
8 Joanne wilkinson Casper
9 Alanna Dunlop Remember Me Ruby
10 Danielle Sands Mollie
11 Eabha Brennan Millfields Killnascully
12 Hannah McComb Ned
13 David Carvill Echo
14 Kim farrell Echo
15 Audrey leahy Backtown star 2
16 Gaby Kirk Niamh
17 Daniel Pearson Dandy
18 Rebecca Buckley Ballagan Bouncer
19 Sophie Boyce Ariel
20 Harriett Hogan Tollymore Tilly
21 Darragh close Princess
Class 4: 80cms  10.50am
No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Chloé mclaughlin Teddy
2 Daniel Pearson Dandy
3 Sarah Brashaw Out of the Phoenix
4 Megan carville Mo
5 Katie Burns Ruby
6 Anna Rainey Ebony
7 Sophie Boyce Ariel
8 Charlotte Harding Darcy
9 Eoghan trainor Ballynoonagh swan lake
10 James Courtney Cadam LCC Gucci
11 Rebecca Millar Calm before the storm
12 Ruby concannon Jessie
13 Eabha Brennan Millfields Killnascully
14 Emma Thompson Lily
15 Hannah McComb Ned
16 Nichole taylor Annie
17 Ríona Savage Knockash Willis
18 Darcy Fehnert Lloyd
19 Sophie Boyce Finn Brasher
20 Charlotte Harding Red Cloud
21 Émer Magee Diamond mountain
22 Una McClelland Blaze
23 Sarah Brashaw Lankill Lord Buí
24 Charlotte Harding Alfie
25 Gaby Kirk Niamh
26 Charlotte McCracken Jamie
27 Chloé mclaughlin Caracas
28 Calum Pearson Aurora
29 Harriett Hogan Tollymore Tilly
30 Helen Pearson-Murray Coco
31 Gracie Lamont Heidi
Class 5: 90cms  12.15pm
No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Stefan McNulty LCC Ruby Rose
2 Rylee boyd Jill
3 Helen Pearson-Murray Coco
4 Celia breydin Cool a tee
5 Eoghan trainor Ballynoonagh swan lake
6 Tara McHenry Newhaven Minstral
8 James Courtney Cadam LCC Gucci
9 Cormac McElroy Caoli’s Leap
10 Stefan McNulty LCC Karl
11 Charlotte Harding Kenny
12 Carly Breydin Georgez
13 Grace Hamill Clover
14 Millie Mulvenna Taylor
15 Ruby concannon Jessie
16 Tara Brennan Pallas Lad
17 Ríona Savage Knockash Willis
18 Darcy Fehnert Lloyd
19 Émer Magee Diamond Mountain
20 Ruby Lily Gaines Boreton Rocketeer pony 128
21 Jonhnny Mulligan Venu
22 Stefan McNulty LCC Scott
23 Charlotte McCracken jamie
24 Rylee Boyd Tucker
25 Shannon Hastings Abbie
Class 6: 1m 1.30pm
No Rider  Horse Name 
1 Lara Kelly Diamond
2 tori farr hope
3 Tara Brennan Pallas Lad
4 Millie Mulvenna Zulu
5 Tara McHenry Newhaven Minstral
6 Stefan McNulty LCC Jack
7 Carly Breydin Georgez
8 Rebecca McCann Mullentine Too Shy
9 Bernadette Curry Teo’s Chance
10 Hannah Mullan Jerry
11 Grace Hamill Clover
12 Yvonne forte Woody
Class 7: 1.10m 2.10pm
No Rider Horse Name
1 Rebecca McCann Mullentine Too Shy
2 Helen Pearson-Murray Daisy
3 Hannah Burns Beach Buoy
4 Calum Pearson Frishow


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