Stable No Friday Night (18th March 2022)  Saturday Night (19th March 2022)
1 Heather de Bromhead Heather de Bromhead
2 Heather de Bromhead Heather de Bromhead
3 Heather de Bromhead Heather de Bromhead
4 Heather de Bromhead Heather de Bromhead
5 Heather de Bromhead Heather de Bromhead
6 Heather de Bromhead Heather de Bromhead
7 Paula Widger Paula Widger
8 Paula Widger Paula Widger
9 Paula Widger Paula Widger
10 Paula Widger Paula Widger
11 Paula Widger Paula Widger
12 Paula Widger Paula Widger
13 Andrea Roche Andrea Roche
14 Andrea Roche Andrea Roche
15 Mary Stack Mary Stack
16 Shelia Dooley Shelia Dooley
17 Gary Dooley Gary Dooley
18 Declan Dooley Declan Dooley
19 Deirdre Dardis Deirdre Dardis
20 Deirdre Dardis Deirdre Dardis
21 Fiona Boland Fiona Boland
22 Fiona Boland Fiona Boland
23 Fiona Boland Fiona Boland
24 Mary Boland Mary Boland
25 Mary Boland Mary Boland
26 Mary Boland Mary Boland
27 Aoife O’Neill Aoife O’Neill
28 Dennis Corbett Dennis Corbett
29 Dennis Corbett Dennis Corbett
30 Dale Adams Dale Adams
31 Dale Adams Dale Adams
32 Dale Adams Dale Adams
33 Dale Adams Dale Adams
34 Dale Adams Dale Adams
35 Grainne Ryan Grainne Ryan
36 Pat Meagher Pat Meagher
37 Pat Meagher Pat Meagher
38 Pat Meagher Pat Meagher
39 Jenny Horgan Jenny Horgan
40 Jenny Horgan Jenny Horgan
41 Jenny Horgan Jenny Horgan
42 Jenny Horgan Jenny Horgan
43 Jenny Horgan Jenny Horgan
44 Jenny Horgan Jenny Horgan
45 Diane Diane
46 Diane Diane
47 Diane Diane
48 Diane Diane
49 Angela Walsh- Nallon Angela Walsh- Nallon
50 Angela Walsh- Nallon Angela Walsh- Nallon
51 Angela Walsh- Nallon Angela Walsh- Nallon
51A Angela Walsh- Nallon Angela Walsh- Nallon
52 Emma Chilcot Emma Chilcot
53 Emma Chilcot Emma Chilcot
54 Zelda Callaghan Zelda Callaghan
55 Zelda Callaghan Zelda Callaghan
56 Zelda Callaghan Zelda Callaghan
57 Zelda Callaghan Zelda Callaghan
58 Zelda Callaghan Zelda Callaghan
59 Zelda Callaghan Zelda Callaghan
60 Dearbhla Moloney Dearbhla Moloney
61 Dearbhla Moloney Dearbhla Moloney
62 Dearbhla Moloney Dearbhla Moloney
63 Dearbhla Moloney Dearbhla Moloney
64 Dearbhla Moloney Dearbhla Moloney
65 Sorcha Kenny Sorcha Kenny
66 Sorcha Kenny Sorcha Kenny
67 Sorcha Kenny Sorcha Kenny
68 Sorcha Kenny Sorcha Kenny
69 Sorcha Kenny Sorcha Kenny
70 Sorcha Kenny Sorcha Kenny
71 Sorcha Kenny Sorcha Kenny
72 Josephine Slattery Josephine Slattery
73 Josephine Slattery Josephine Slattery
74 Susan Keane Susan Keane
75 Susan Keane Susan Keane
76 Sandra Nallon* James Gilmartin
77 Sandra Nallon* James Gilmartin
78 Sandra Nallon* James Gilmartin
79 Sandra Nallon* James Gilmartin
80 Sandra Nallon* James Gilmartin
81 Nodhlaig Davern * James Gilmartin
82 Nodhlaig Davern * James Gilmartin
83 Ruth Dorgan* James Gilmartin
84 Pat Devern* James Gilmartin
85 Pat Devern* James Gilmartin
86 Elena Pothmann* James Gilmartin
87 Elena Pothmann* James Gilmartin
88 Ellie Pothman- Mullen * Lucy Loughrey
89 Ellie Pothman- Mullen * Bonnie Loughrey
90 Gareth Weldon
91 Tracey Cullen
92 Tracey Cullen

*- We would request that stables booked for Friday night only are vacated by 12 Noon on Saturday 19th March to facilitate Saturday night bookings.  We thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

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