Winter Stars Tour

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The MEC , 26.03.2022

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Based on the very successful Five Stars Tour, the heights will run through 5* height bands.




We will have Tour Shows during the winter with a Grand Final in March. We will also have young horse classes at the Finals.

Winter Stars Height bands :
1* – 85cm – 90cm
2* – 95cm -1m
3* – 1.05m-1.10m
4* – 1.15m – 1.20m
5* – 1.25m – 1.30m

1. Due to the success of the Five Stars Tour, the aim of the Winter Stars Tour will be to continue the momentum over the Winter, in the same spirit of sportsmanship & on the same basic principles, with Tour Qualifying Shows & a Grand Final.

2. Due to the height band system & the graduation of courses, it will allow riders a wider choice of classes in a Main Arena setting.

3. Allow riders produce their horses over the winter & to compete at a level suitable for their development.

4. Allow those Riders that are show jumping, as their sport, to compete during the winter season on a league format, in a Main Arena setting, then giving them a prestigious Grand Final Weekend with good prize money & additional prizes.

5. Allow owners/riders to market & sell direct to a client over the normally quiet period, via use of the Tour’s social media platforms & the Website.

6. It will encourage owners/riders that have smaller budgets to buy Irish horses, at the end of year auctions, to get up & running & ready for the Summer Season.

7. It will encourage riders with older horses & those with Foreign Studbook Passports to get involved.

8. It will encourage Event Horse Producers to join the League to produce their horses & be ready for the Summer Season.

9. Provide a Gala Weekend Show, Qualifiers, Grand Final & Consolation Classes, with numerous additional prizes.

10. Provide continuous marketing during the Tour for Sponsors via Social Media platforms & through the Website.

11. Encourage buyers into Ireland to buy their next horse.

12. Encourage riders based with trainers to get up & running with their young horses for the summer season.

Events Location:

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